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One Successful Entrepreneur’s Advice: Nevada’s a Great Place to Start a Company

When Curtis Gregory moved to Western Nevada ten years ago, his company, Glass with a Twist, was little more than a startup. In fact, he ran it out of his condo in San Diego. After 12 years in the military as a fighter pilot, Curtis felt ready for a change.

He knew that Glass with a Twist filled a niche that other companies who customize in memorabilia could not. Instead of focusing on a wide variety of memorabilia for personalization, Curtis positioned his company as the glassware experts. This strategy has paid off in huge ways.

Today, Curtis boasts 50 employees, and he fills orders for a variety of individual customers, vendors, and companies. Along the way, he’s also learned firsthand why Reno is such a great place to start a company.

A Great Place to Start a Company

Although Curtis didn’t come to Reno expressly to grow his business, he’s been impressed by Northern Nevada’s entrepreneur-friendly climate.

“I’ve coincidentally ended up in a good place to grow a business. Some advantageous things about Reno for entrepreneurs include no state income tax and the ease with which I’ve found employees. I did much of my employee buildup from 2010 to 2013 and was pleased to find many available people to meet and bring into the company.”

A Great Place for Millennials

While some companies struggle to attract and keep millennials, Curtis has no such problem. His employee demographic proves young with many college-aged workers.

It doesn’t hurt that Reno boasts a tier-one university, the University of Nevada, Reno. Its proximity is reflected in the varied talents of those employed by Glass with a Twist.

According to Nicki Mosbacher, customer service manager at Glass with a Twist, “It’s a youthful workplace that’s more laid back. There’s lots of cool talent up here.”

Nicki lists the degrees of various workers: English majors, math majors, communications majors, anthropology majors, and more. Besides attracting a youthful set of well-educated employees, the company also boasts a low turnover rate.

While this may be a byproduct of the dog-friendly workplace and the arcade in the breakroom, the respectful company culture that Curtis has fostered underscores worker satisfaction, too.

Jeff Van Epps, the company’s graphics manager, received his degree in math from UNR. When it comes to working with Curtis, he agrees with Nicki, “I’m very happy here and can’t imagine leaving.”

Curtis skiing with daughterEndless Outdoor Activities

Besides a favorable business climate and great workers, Curtis loves the lifestyle he leads in Reno. When asked which activities he likes to do in Reno and its environs, his list is long: skiing, hiking, mountain biking, and paddle boarding.

“For me, life in Reno is about the area itself and what it offers in terms of recreation and affordable housing. No commute. There’s space, less traffic, and you can buy a house for a reasonable amount of money.”

Where the Action Happens

Nicki loves Reno’s proximity to Tahoe, Truckee, and her hometown of Sacramento. “My husband and I do a lot of hiking and snowshoeing during the winter. My husband’s a big snowboarder, and I dabble in it a bit. I like to be at all of the lakes around here—Boca, Tahoe, Pyramid. It’s amazing all of the things that are here.”

She loves extreme hiking in the Sierra Nevadas as well as cycling from Mayberry to Idlewild Park or strolling along the Riverwalk. “Reno’s gotten so nice and artsy. It’s cool to live here and attend the Rib Cookoff, Hot August Nights, ArtTown, and so many other events. It’s booming here.”

A Great Place to Live and Work

Raised in Las Vegas, Jeff loves the outdoor activities that Reno affords, too. From basketball to flag football to soccer, he hits the fields whenever he can. When he’s not involved in a team sport, he finds time to visit the mountains. “I love hiking and have been to the top of Mount Rose multiple times.”

When he wants to decompress after a long day at work or catch some brews and a game with friends, he enjoys Reno’s trendy local haunts. “I enjoy happy hour at Twisted Fork and the cool vibe at BeerNV.”

A Great Place for Entrepreneurs

As Curtis has found, Northern Nevada’s a great place to start a company. Minimal taxes make it a perfect place for entrepreneurs as do its affordable housing and proximity to other West Coast cities. UNR’s tier-one status ensures a ready supply of educated, motivated workers, too.

Curtis and his employees have also learned that for those who love leading an active lifestyle filled with outdoor activities, there’s no better place to be.

Ready to learn more about the advantages of starting your own business in Nevada? Let’s talk! Contact us today to find out why Western Nevada’s the place to be.

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Why Dr. Christine Johnson Says Nevada is a Great Place to Live

Whether she’s caring for horses on her picturesque property just south of Reno or getting interviewed by Don Wildman of the Travel Channel’s Mysteries at the Museum, Dr. Christine Johnson keeps a packed schedule.

She’s collections manager at the Nevada Historical Society and an instructor at Truckee Meadows Community College and the University of Nevada, Reno. She’s also the executive secretary of the Nevada State Board on Geographic Names, which means she has a say in statewide place name decisions.

She’s traveled all over the world yet chosen to make Western Nevada her home. Why? She remains passionate about Nevada as a great place to live.

A World Traveler Settles in Nevada

Originally from Miami, Florida, Christine has lived in Nevada for the past four decades apart from a brief stint in Colorado during the 1990s. She has a doctoral degree in cultural geography from the University of Nevada, Reno, a tier-1 university.

From Alaska to French Polynesia to New Zealand, she’s traveled the world. Christine has even lived on Pitcairn Island, one of the most remote and inaccessible locations on the planet.

Remember the mutiny on the HMS Bounty? Their descendants ended up on Pitcairn. Christine has studied the cultural practices of the descendants of the original mutineers learning about everything from land tenure to local attire.

A Great Place to Live

But Christine wouldn’t trade life in Western Nevada for any other location. “I feel like Nevada is still a place where everyone knows everyone, a place with an abundance of opportunity, a place where people can be free to do what they want to do and still be part of a strong and connected community.”

But her reasons for living in Northern Nevada don’t stop there. “With a growing population, an outdoor lifestyle, and opportunities unmatched, Western Nevada is truly the place to be for families, businesses, students, and those that simply love the lifestyle of the new American West!”

Educational Opportunities and Living in Reno

An award-winning geography and anthropology instructor, Christine lauds the amazing educational opportunities Reno boasts.

“Both UNR and TMCC have strong programs in the fields of anthropology, geography, geology, history, and more. But these particular fields afford a great opportunity for research and exploration of Nevada, the Great Basin, and the American West in general.  Students are in a wonderful position to study in Western Nevada — with an abundance of extra-curricular experiences and an active academic community.”

For all of these reasons and so many more, Christine knows that Nevada is a great place to live.  Are you interested in exploring new opportunities in one of the most scenic and economically rich regions in the American West? Contact us today to find out more about living the good life in Western Nevada.

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Randy Fricot, Maintenance Tech, Panasonic Energy of North America

“I love this town because of the constant things to do – the balloon races, the all the events, the rib cook-off, the motorcycle week, the Aces games. I enjoy all of it! I love to hike, snowboard, any kind of sport, baseball/softball – I’m on the Panasonic softball team in fact, which is awesome. I just like getting outside, any outdoor activities. And the fact that California is right there, we’re not far from the coast for other activities too.”

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Lindsey Wilson, Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Hamilton Company

“One of the great things about Reno is that, since you have the benefits of the city and all the outdoors so close, you can enjoy weekend activities every day.  And, a great thing about having such a fun and interesting job is that when the workday ends at 3:30, I’m usually feeling energized and ready to hit the trails, head to the river, lake, downtown, or pick up on projects.  It’s easy to actively enjoy and make the most of life here. I’m a volunteer ‘hiking buddy’ at the local humane society and after work will often pick up a dog and take it out for the rest of the day.  We’ll hop on a trail into downtown for socializing on the Riverwalk, or into the hills to see the wild horses or the Hunter Creek waterfall. I have beautiful mountain views in every direction, have an easy commute, and can take off right from my yard on my bike, mule, running shoes, or 4×4 onto miles of BLM trails.”

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Abby Chitwood, Battery Engineer, Panasonic Energy of North America

“I always knew that I wanted to be in Reno. There’s always Food Truck Friday’s, different Festivals to go to, all sorts of things going on around town. And I love that I can bike to MidTown, stop for lunch and go to a yoga studio, take my dog everywhere, and do lots of outdoor things as well.  I am a frequenter of Tahoe – hiking, mountain biking, swimming, anything.”

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Su Normura, Vice President, Reno Engineering

“I first came to Reno to study engineering at UNR almost two decades ago.  After graduation, I started working at Reno Engineering where the president kept saying ‘everyone is a vice president.’  He meant that everyone was responsible for representing the company’s services, and the company still believes the philosophy.”

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