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WorkLivePlayRenoTahoe.com is a community-wide initiative to recruit amazing, talented people that enjoy a vibrant community with a huge variety of activities, to our beautiful home, Reno, Nevada. There is a brand-new life waiting for you with thousands of job positions available. Reno is a great community where you can enjoy an active lifestyle, build your career, and not break the bank.

Work, live and play all available in a friendly university, mountain town. You have the talent and we have plenty of growth and opportunity!

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The Reno area has grown exponentially with the relocation of companies like Tesla and Panasonic choosing to call Nevada home. The industry growth means new employment opportunities in all sectors like Manufacturing, Tech & Software, Engineering, Healthcare, and Education.


To see what’s available, navigate to the Work. section of this website. Pick your desired industry, browse the hiring companies and submit your resume online. Then you’ll hear back from our community liaison who will help you with your job search. It’s as easy as that!


To learn more about life in the Reno, Sparks, Tahoe area, click the Live. button. You will be directed to MakeRenoHome.org. Here you can familiarize yourself with life in Reno.


To browse events, great things to do, and places to go, navigate to the Play. section. Discover how Reno-Sparks-Tahoe will keep you energized and entertained, day and night! You will be directed to VisitRenoTahoe.com.

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Follow along with new Renoites as they share their “moving to Reno” success stories.

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