Reno, Nevada
America’s Best Small City

Featured images showing an aerial view of the Aces Ballpark and Downtown Reno, Nevada

Reno, Nevada
America’s Best Small City

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Reno, Nevada has recently been named America’s best small city to live, visit, and invest in. Resonance Consultancy, a leading global advisor on placemaking, branding, and marketing for the world’s best cities, districts, developments, and destinations has published a report naming Reno, Nevada America’s Best Small City. Continue reading below to get the highlights of their report. Or, click here to read the full article published on Newsbreak.

Report Methodology

The Best City ranking is based on 23 different factors, broken up into 6 different categories. The criteria for the categories range from weather, access to the outdoors, education, work prospects, and many others.

The six categories and 23 factors are:

  • Place: weather, safety, sights & landmarks, parks & outdoor
  • Product: airport connectivity, attractions, museums, university ranking, convention center, pro sports teams
  • People: diversity, educational attainment
  • Prosperity: Fortune 500 companies, household income
  • Programming: culture, nightlife, dining, shopping
  • Promotion: Facebook check-ins, Google search, TripAdvisor reviews, Instagram hashtags, Google Trends

“What distinguishes our methodology from all others is that we also incorporate user-generated data to quantify the number of quality restaurants, shops, nightlife and other experiences that make urban living so alluring. Based on the data we have collected over the past five years, we know that a city’s performance for factors such as Facebook Check-ins, Instagram mentions, recommended culinary experiences, museums, nightlife, culture and shopping, have some of the highest correlations with not only the number of visitors a city receives, but investment and economic growth as well. Rebooting this software of urban experiences will be as important as improvements to the hardware in terms of investments in infrastructure when it comes to a city’s recovery from this crisis.”

– Chris Fair, President & CEO, Resonance Consultancy

Reno Takes the Top Spot

Due to the city’s natural assets and growing infrastructure Reno, Nevada takes the top spot as America’s Best Small City. (Source) Searching for work-life balance? Search no more. Reno, Nevada is the place to go with the snow-capped Sierra mountains and exceptional weather. Some other highlights found in Reno are the convention center, the national bowling stadium, and the epic art scene.

When it comes to nature, the stoic Mt. Rose makes for a striking snowy backdrop. The Truckee River is perfect for an idyllic float through downtown, the world-renowned ski slopes are less than an hour’s drive away. Beyond that, the San Francisco Bay, and the rocky cathedrals of Yosemite National Park are just a few hour’s drive and make perfect long-weekend road trips.

The city also performed well for nightlife among small cities, taking the top spot in the category. Additionally, Reno’s tech companies and highly educated young workers, come for the jobs and stay for the enviable location and your-round outdoor lifestyle. Our proximity to Lake Tahoe makes outdoor recreation an easy four-season endeavor.

A casino town goes all-in on art, culture and innovation. Is it any wonder that young talent is pouring in?

– Resonance Consultancy

Other highlights included Reno’s convention center, the National Bowling Stadium, the Urban Air Adventure Park trampoline emporium, and the world’s tallest artificial rock-climbing wall at 164ft (49.85m) tall!

America’s Top Best Small Cities

The cities are ranks not only on their strengths but also on their weaknesses. Below is a list of the top 10 best small cities in America. To see the full list of 100 please visit the original article here.

  1. Reno, Nevada
  2. Naples, Florida
  3. Santa Fe, New Mexico
  4. Savannah, Georgia
  5. Asheville, North Carolina
  6. Anchorage, Alaska
  7. Boulder, Colorado
  8. Trenton, New Jersey
  9. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  10. Ann Arbor, Michigan

What’s Your Take?

Tourism, real estate, and economic development are the primary factors according to the report outlined here that put Reno, Nevada on top. But we want to hear from you! What do you think of Reno, Nevada? I personally have lived here 10 years and I have seen it completely transform, for the better. One thing I love to do on a regular basis is taking a mural walk and an art walk to check out the amazing Burning Man sculptures and other installations on display around the city. If that sounds fun to you, check out Reno Murals and Beyond: Exploring Northern Nevada’s Vibrant Public Arts Scene. We also have an epic cultural scene here. Check out Fun Ways to Explore Diversity in Reno-Tahoe.

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