Bryan Faxel’s Reno-Bound Success Story: How Top Talent at Ridgeline Was Drawn to the City and Company

Featured image showing the Faxel family enjoying the shores of Lake Tahoe

Bryan Faxel’s Reno-Bound Success Story: How Top Talent at Ridgeline Was Drawn to the City and Company

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We’re excited to feature Bryan Faxel, Director of Security and Compliance at Ridgeline in Reno, Nevada. Bryan and his family had been living in downtown Chicago before they got connected to Ridgeline’s Head of Strategy; the opportunity to go to Tahoe for an interview changed his family’s life. After spending an amazing weekend there, they were hooked; Bryan accepted the job and they made the move to Incline Village. They enjoyed two years there before migrating down the hill to Reno. Bryan spoke to us about what it’s been like to relocate his family to the area.

“We knew instantly that the Reno-Tahoe area was a perfect destination for us to raise our family. We were excited to be a part of a growing and challenging startup community,” says Bryan. “Now that we’ve moved down to Reno, we’re so excited to explore all the opportunities it has to offer.”

Bryan Joins the Reno Tech Scene

Bryan Faxel is just one of the many talented professionals making up the Reno tech scene. He is enthusiastic about the city and the great career Ridgeline is providing him. 

With a degree in Accounting and Information Systems from Saint Louis University, Bryan spent nearly a decade consulting with leading financial services organizations before pivoting into the world of security and technology.  Bryan brings the analytical mindset of a security and risk professional to the ever-growing field of cybersecurity.  

Life and Culture at Ridgeline

Bryan helps protect Ridgeline and its customers from security threats and partners with many colleagues to build security-oriented behaviors into their teams. “The biggest thing I love about Ridgeline is building a relationship of trust and collaboration with my co-workers, both as a leader and a mentor. It’s been an awesome adventure so far, and I look forward to continuing here as long as possible.” Beyond that, Faxel thrives on innovation and speaks to the company’s culture first-hand. 

“At Ridgeline, we focus on hard technology challenges, making sure we enjoy ourselves while doing it,” Bryan says. “Our environment is incredibly supportive, and that’s part of what makes it so great to work here. Everyone has a really strong commitment to the company, and our contributions have an immediate and meaningful impact.”

Ridgeline’s Commitment to its People and the Community

“At Ridgeline, we strive to have happy employees who make happy customers and invest in our communities,” Bryan explains. “It’s this sense of purpose and pride that makes our team so powerful and allows us to do great work.” When asked what sets Ridgeline apart from other companies Faxel said this:

“At Ridgeline, we recognize that success is a team effort. When we work together, we can accomplish greater things. That’s why we invest in the whole-person experience, from both a work perspective and a wellness perspective. We offer comprehensive benefit packages, prioritize team-building events, and genuinely learn about and support each other . We want our employees to feel supported and motivated, and to have a sense of belonging to the Ridgeline community. On top of that, we are the only company in the region specializing in technology for the investment management industry. We use our experience and expertise to provide our clients with cutting-edge services that push the boundaries and move us forward.” 

The commitment at Ridgeline extends beyond the office, too. Employees are dedicated to their communities, investing their time, energy, and resources to make a real difference. Bryan’s wife, Bethany, has been actively involved with an early childhood development not-for-profit that has strengthened their family’s ties to the community.

Ridgeline’s culture of collaboration paired with employees’ commitment to the company and their communities reinforces that it is one of the best places to work in Nevada. 

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Living In Reno

Bryan shares what he likes most about living in Reno with his family.

“Our family loves being able to enjoy all that Reno and the surrounding area have to offer–from outdoor activities to great restaurants, without all the hustle and bustle of other larger cities,” says Bryan. 

Between work, family, and play, Bryan and his family take full advantage of what Reno has to offer—skiing, hiking, camping, and enjoying the rich culture. 

The Faxels are a testament to the great quality of life Reno brings and the potential to create a successful career and family life. 

Inline image showing the F axel Family together on a small train ride in Reno, Nevada

His Advice: “Take Risks”

When reflecting on his family’s experience, Bryan strongly encourages other couples and families to take risks by venturing out of their comfort zone and exploring new places to live and work. Doing so not only allows for unique and unforgettable experiences, but it can also act as a way to learn more yourself. 

Having the opportunity to work at Ridgeline in Reno has taught Bryan’s family the importance of taking chances and embracing the courage to explore the unknown. His experience has had a lasting impression that his family will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

If you’re interested in joining the amazing talent pool Ridgeline has to offer, check out their job listings and see if you’re the right fit!

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Featured Photo: The Faxel Family Spending Quality Time Together

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