Dragonfly Energy: Revolutionizing the Alternative Energy Business in Nevada

Featured image showing Denis Phares, Ph.D., CEO of Dragonfly Energy

Dragonfly Energy: Revolutionizing the Alternative Energy Business in Nevada

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Today, a growing number of people worldwide are looking for renewable energy sources that are affordable and accessible. This is where Dragonfly Energy comes into play. The company specializes in lithium-ion deep cycle batteries. These revolutionary batteries are non-toxic replacements for lead acid batteries for use in RV, marine, and off-grid applications.  With a continued focus on high-grade energy storage, the company envisions further expansion fueled by their patented and proprietary solid-state cell technology.

At the helm of this organization is CEO Denis Phares, Ph.D., who leads the company’s solid foundation of technology. He remains committed to seeing Dragonfly Energy’s technology expand beyond use for RV, marine, and off-grid applications, revolutionizing how we power our homes and businesses. Here’s what he has to say about leading this innovative enterprise and why he cherishes life and business in Nevada.

How Dragonfly Is Rewriting the Energy Business in Nevada

Dragonfly Energy remains committed to revolutionizing energy storage to build a greener future. As one of the company’s visionaries, Denis envisions the renewable energy landscape of the future driven by effective and affordable energy storage. Dragonfly Energy’s products are offered to OEMs and through a new exclusive agreement with Keystone RV. The consumer line of products, offered through Battle Born Batteries, are available to the public and utilized for charging and powering devices and appliances and high-grade energy storage. These products are optimally suited for applications where longevity, safety, and stability prove key.

Denis explains, “Lithium produces the most energy-dense electrochemical cells and therefore provides the greatest alternative to burning fossil fuels for transportation. At Dragonfly Energy, we have focused on using lithium to facilitate the more widespread incorporation of intermittent energy sources like solar and wind on and off the grid.”

Connecting Local Talent With the Future of Energy

Like co-founder Sean Nichols, Denis graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno’s business school. Although both men bring diverse backgrounds to the field of energy storage, they quickly identified industry gaps that needed filling. After diving into greener and more reliable battery technology research, they tested its abilities maintaining dynamic, rigorous standards. This process led to the discovery that lithium iron phosphate was the way to go. From there, they created their first batteries in Denis’s garage. By 2014, they founded Dragonfly Energy Corp., headquartered in Reno, Nevada.

Because of Denis and Sean’s backgrounds, the company remains committed to hiring locally. As Denis explains, “We have been incredibly fortunate to have attracted the vast majority of our workforce locally. Some of this is due to the presence of UNR. But also, the influx of large technology-based companies has increased the population and the number of people that are interested in working in green technology.” What’s more, he credits the area for relatively accessible Lithium, which will drive energy infrastructure in the coming decades. Greener energy sources in the form of geothermal, solar, and wind have also helped clinch Nevada’s role as a major player in the energy economy of the future.

Living the Good Life in Northern Nevada

Denis has found Northern Nevada’s business climate tough to beat. The state fosters a favorable tax environment, and the University of Nevada, Reno, provides a steady supply of talent from the engineering, science, and marketing departments. In addition, Dragonfly Energy also promotes internship opportunities to assess and train up-and-coming talent.

As for the benefits of making a living in the region, Denis doesn’t want to make his home anywhere else. He notes, “I love the sun, the mountains, the desert, and the lake. It is hard to compete with the beauty of Northern Nevada. I wish I had more time to enjoy my hobbies, but I still love to ski. Overall, it’s a nice place to stay healthy. I enjoy running, hiking, and swimming – all of which can be done for most of the year. But I’m also happy with a good scotch and some loud guitars – which you can always find in town.”

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