From Birmingham to Reno, Recruiter to Advanced Manufacturing

featured image Brent Taylor showing what life is like after moving to Reno, Nevada

From Birmingham to Reno, Recruiter to Advanced Manufacturing

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About three and a half years into his job in Birmingham, Brent Taylor woke up one morning and decided he was in a rut. He needed a change in scenery and employment. So he started looking at job opportunities across the country.

“I applied to the ‘big name’ companies and got a call from Tesla. Two weeks later, I was accepting a job offer and packing up all my worldly possessions to move 2,000 miles from home to start a new life. It was without a doubt the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.”

Brent Taylor

With his bachelor’s in marketing, Brent had been a recruiter for about four years when he joined Tesla’s recruiting team. He worked as a recruiter primarily for engineers and technicians, so he said, “I gained a lot of second-hand knowledge of the field and it made me really interested in learning more.”

Brent enjoying time on the mountain.

At Tesla, he had the opportunity to move into an engineering technician role. He explained, “It’s been an interesting path, for sure. I was fortunate enough to be selected to participate in our Gigafactory Training Gateway program.” The program provides a flexible training format, where students like Brent can work through coursework and hands-on lab-based learning at their own pace. That program “allowed me [Brent] to learn a solid foundation of a broad array of skills that I can build on during special projects at work.”

It’s not only his new role that has provided exciting opportunities for Brent. Moving to a new place often means making new friends and maybe even new hobbies. Brent shared that “it’s super easy to make friends here. A lot of other young professionals are moving out here to work for Tesla or other companies. Most everyone is far from home and looking for friends.”

There’s no shortage of people to meet and things to get involved within the Reno-Tahoe area. For Brent, that’s meant picking up new hobbies, like skiing! In the summer, he said: “On most of my weekends, I take at least one day to pack up a cooler and sneak off to one of the many beaches near Incline Village. Or I’ll gather a crew to go floating down the Truckee River. I’ve even gotten into camping since I moved out here, and have just now started to explore some of the great places close by, like Sardine Lakes. If you’re not feeling outdoorsy, I find Reno to be rich in great spots for food and drink as well.”

Whether you’re looking to get out of a rut, start a career in advanced manufacturing, have a full social life or plenty of opportunity for adventure, Reno-Tahoe has what you’re after. This region is home to thousands of job opportunities, friendly community, world-class ski resorts, a dynamic downtown, and so much more. See for yourself — submit your resume today! When you submit your resume through this site, our Community Liaison will get your resume in front of the right recruiters!   

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