Inside Look: Panasonic Energy, An Energy Company Committed to Sustainable Manufacturing

Featured image showing a large group of Panasonic Energy interns posing for a picture onsite at Panasonic in Sparks, Nevada.

Inside Look: Panasonic Energy, An Energy Company Committed to Sustainable Manufacturing

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With over 100 years’ experience in electronics, manufacturing and developing high-quality solutions, Panasonic has consistently been a pioneer in battery technology, serving as a leading battery supplier in the global market for hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and full-electric vehicles (EVs).

Since the development of its first dry cell battery in 1923, Panasonic has repeatedly proven itself to be at the forefront of battery manufacturing technology and development, being first in the industry with respect to zero mercury batteries, the practical application of winding type batteries, the mass production of cylindrical cells, the mass production of high nickel cathodes, and cylindrical cell mass production for EVs. Since 2010, Panasonic has utilized its experience and expertise to successfully incorporate cylindrical cells for automotive end uses into its portfolio.    

Here is our recent Q&A with Panasonic:

Panasonic is located in various cities across the US, what makes the Reno location so unique? 

Panasonic Energy is the largest producer of EV cylindrical batteries in North America and is committed to the safety and quality of its products, as well as innovation and partnerships leading to a more robust, secure, and sustainable domestic battery supply chain. Panasonic Energy operates the world’s largest EV battery factory in Reno, Nevada, producing nearly 40 gigawatt hours of advanced lithium-ion batteries per year thanks to our more than 4,000 workers at the facility. In 2024, Panasonic Energy’s factory in Nevada surpassed 9 billion batteries shipped, and now produces about 2 billion batteries each year or about 66 cells per second. 

What are some internships that are available at Panasonic? 

Panasonic Energy offers internships across various business areas. This can range from engineering, computer science, supply chain management, finance, human resources, program management, environmental health and science, and quality assurance.  In Nevada, Panasonic Energy hires up to 50 interns a summer and hosts students from all over the United States. Internship applications open for submission in the fall for a summer cohort, which lasts 12 weeks during the summer. PENA’s internship is all hands-on work, allowing students to take on full ownership of projects that will be implemented within the business or factory. Check them out HERE

What is in store for the future of Panasonic? 

As the transition to electric vehicles continues, Panasonic Energy is seeking to establish up to 200 GWh of production capacity globally. Panasonic Energy’s technology and safety are well-regarded in North America. Panasonic Energy would like to strategically improve our operations in Nevada and increase output. Panasonic Energy is promoting improvements in development and productivity. Panasonic Energy is building a battery manufacturing facility in De Soto, Kansas, slated to start production in 2025. 

Anything else that is exciting or unique about Panasonic? 

Panasonic Energy Panasonic Energy is committed to sustainable manufacturing. The creation of a local, circular supply chain for batteries is a crucial step in realizing the full potential of EVs to enable transportation decarbonization. To meet Panasonic Energy’s production goals and advance our commitment to climate action, we partnered with Redwood Materials, a sustainable battery materials company, to establish the very first steps of a closed-loop battery recycling and remanufacturing process. Panasonic Energy’s collaboration with Redwood and other suppliers in North America will help reduce costs and CO2 emissions by eliminating the need for components to be shipped all over the world for processing. This aligns with our environmental goals under the Panasonic GREEN IMPACT initiative, our 2030 environmental vision to reduce CO2 emissions across manufacturing, operations and the end-consumers using our products and solutions. 

Panasonic Energy’s commitment to the electric vehicle battery market ensures the continued success of not only our own efforts but also of the innovations that help to reduce the global impact of carbon emissions. This is a massive project, but our role is clear. We owe it to ourselves and future generations to confront this issue head-on. 

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