More Tech Careers, Less Traffic

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More Tech Careers, Less Traffic

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More tech companies are relocating to Reno, making the region a growing technology hub. While nine tech companies relocated to Reno or expanded their local operations in 2019 alone, Microsoft has been a part of the community since 1997. What is it like working for a legacy in the tech industry? Kelly Conrad shared his experience.

Kelly is a Program Manager at Microsoft. His path to the tech industry, and Reno, was unique. With a goal to gain varied experience, Kelly worked for a few companies in several different cities before relocating to Reno to work at Microsoft. He has found both Microsoft, and the Reno-Tahoe area to be remarkably good fits. 

Working with an industry leader in the heart of an expanding tech hub has many perks. Kelly explains: “Microsoft has a great culture, and allows me the ability to influence change and grow, which is critical for me to enjoy where I work.”

It’s no surprise that Microsoft has a large focus on growth. In fact, the company encourages all its employees to create a future they love. Kelly confirms that the company “has a keen focus on career development and is an organization that provides many avenues for growth, with different businesses to learn and opportunities in new positions…. I appreciate that everyone here is looking to improve themselves personally and professionally.”

Reno has a unique focus on growth, too. Its growth as a tech hub and expansion in many other industries has created new revenue the city is able to invest back into the community. Kelly says, “I could put down roots and spend my whole career here.” That’s a big change for Kelly, who admits he had some hesitation when a friend first referred him to Microsoft and Reno. But, it only took a weekend visit for him to “know I wanted to work and live in Reno. The proximity to Lake Tahoe, California, and mountains made it a perfect place for me.” 

While Reno’s tech presence is still growing, the city retains a small-town feel that gives it a certain allure. For one thing, residents don’t typically encounter bumper-to-bumper rush hour traffic. For those who have relocated from bigger cities, the decrease in time spent commuting is a treat. With Reno’s average 250+ days of sunshine every year, consider the time back in your schedule an invitation from Mother Nature.  

Kelly has found plenty of ways to enjoy the sunshine. “My weekends and afternoons are filled with outdoor activities, mountain biking, snowboarding, and relaxing at Lake Tahoe. Coming from Salt Lake City, I thought I did these things a lot already, but in Reno, access and proximity to these activities is even better. Reno is perfectly suited to my hobbies. I get to do them more and there is a great community around each activity.”

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