Featured image showing the first true all-season electric, off-road, new high-tech RV on a nevada freeway with the Sierra Mountains in the background. The RV is from AEONrv, a Reno based startup that is revolutionizing how recreational vehicles are designed, built, and delivered.

Revolutionizing RV Travel: The Story of AEONrv and Co-Founder Jim Ritchie

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Reno, Nevada is a hotspot for tech professionals looking for new opportunities and a vibrant lifestyle. It’s growing tech scene, affordable cost of living, outdoor recreation options, and supportive community make Reno an attractive destination for people like Jim Ritchie, co-founder of AEONrv.

Jim Ritchie, a seasoned business founder and outdoor enthusiast, co-founded AEONrv with Lars Severin in Reno in 2021. Their company is disrupting the RV industry by developing all-season, electric, off-road, high-tech RVs that are changing the way recreational vehicles are designed, built, and delivered.

Q&A with Jim Ritchie

In an article published by Livability.com, I Moved to Reno, Nevada, for My Tech Career, and You Should, Too Jim Ritchie had this to say.

Q: What led you to start your business – and in Reno?

A: After spending 30 years in Silicon Valley working in computer science and mathematics, my love for camping and the outdoors led me to rent an RV about 10 years ago. As an engineer, I noticed flaws in the design such as poor quality and a noisy ride. Reno was a natural fit for AEONrv due to its business-friendly environment with no corporate or state income taxes, lower overhead costs, access to resources, and a culture that aligns with our values.

Q: What makes Reno compelling from a business formation standpoint?

A: Reno offers a unique blend of economic benefits, access to resources, a talented workforce, and a lifestyle that promotes wellness and balance. The community in Reno values authenticity and word-of-mouth marketing, which has been instrumental in our success.

Q: How have you seen your business grow since its inception?

A: Since launching in January 2021, we quickly gained traction and visibility at events like Overland Expo West 2022, where our design received rave reviews and garnered over 100 deposits. We then raised $1 million in a safe equity round in 2022, allowing us to scale the company, validate the market, and build a user group of 600+ on Facebook. Our RVs feature innovative design elements such as insulated bodies, high-end parts, polyurethane fasteners, and a quieter ride for a superior travel experience.

AEONrv, under the leadership of Jim Ritchie and Lars Severin, is revolutionizing the RV industry with its cutting-edge designs and commitment to quality. By leveraging the advantages of Reno’s business environment and tapping into a community that values innovation and lifestyle, AEONrv is poised for further growth and continued success in the coming years.

AEONrv is Hiring

Are you ready to join a dynamic team at the forefront of revolutionizing the RV industry? AEONrv is seeking passionate individuals to help shape the future of recreational vehicle travel. Visit their careers page to explore exciting job opportunities and take the next step in your career with AEONrv today!

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