Top Talent at Ridgeline – Donovan’s Story

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Top Talent at Ridgeline – Donovan’s Story

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Headquartered in Incline Village with an office in Reno, Ridgeline is a privately funded high-growth fintech startup that is revolutionizing the investment management industry. The company attracts top talent locally and nationally from both the financial services and technology industries, thanks in large part to its visionary leadership team and the opportunity to transform an industry. Ridgeline is set to succeed while fostering a fun and rewarding culture based on a tightly-defined set of core values. Here, we interview Donovan Gini, engineering manager at Ridgeline, and learn about his journey to Reno, his family life, and his experience working at the award-winning startup.

Meet Donovan, Engineering Manager, Platform UI at Ridgeline

Donovan Gini has over 7 years of professional experience within the software engineering industry and currently is an Engineering Manager of Platform UI at Ridgeline. Donovan leads a multidisciplinary team that is working on the innovative design and delivery of user experience for the company’s software. His expertise in software engineering and industry knowledge makes him an asset at Ridgeline as he helps to ensure that customers consistently benefit from the cutting edge of technological innovation.

Photo Caption: Donovan and his sister on the slopes.

Moving to Reno for Change of Pace: Donovan’s Story

When Donovan and his family decided they needed a change of pace, Reno was a natural choice. His sister and her family had lived here for almost 10 years, and every time he visited, he really enjoyed the city, as did his family. What could be better, he thought, than having his kids grow up close to their cousins?

Once they chose Reno, Donovan reached out to some connections he had at Ridgeline. He had known about the company through his previous job. Excited for a new opportunity, he and his wife decided that if he got the job, they would make the move. Today, they are happily settled in Reno and excited to be part of the community.

Life In Reno

When asked what he likes most about living in Reno with his family, Donovan had this to say:

As someone who likes always having something to do, I really enjoy having access to so many different experiences. It’s a short trip to some of the best outdoor activities you could ask for, and you have the convenience of incredible shops and restaurants nearby. Also, the people in Reno are great – down to earth, ambitious, and fun.”

The Ridgeline Culture: Active and Impactful

Donovan describes the culture at Ridgeline as having an active spirit. According to him, employees are always geared up to work on new projects and initiatives, along with participating in engaged activities like pickleball, mountain biking, and volunteering in the community. The energy around these activities not only helps to make an impact but also makes work enjoyable.

Photo Caption: Donovan and a group of Ridgeline employees enjoying a BBQ and the view of Reno-Sparks, Nevada

“At Ridgeline, it is truly our people that make it such a great place to work. I am continually inspired by my co-workers and their ambition to achieve our goals. It is this dynamic that makes Ridgeline such an amazing environment.”

What sets Ridgeline apart from other companies?

Ridgeline is committed to providing excellent customer service and developing pioneering software solutions in the financial industry. To reach its ambitious goals, the company focuses on creating a strong team atmosphere with its people and connecting with the local community. This dedication to excellence has earned them numerous prestigious awards including Inc. Best Workplaces 2021, Glassdoor: Best Places to Work 2020, Fast Company’s Best Workplaces for Innovators 2022, The Software Report’s Top 100 Software Companies 2022, and LinkedIn’s Top Startups 2020. Ridgeline takes great pride in supporting its people, community, and customers.

“We see Reno as core to our growth strategy and invest heavily in the community. It’s a unique approach for a tech startup and I am thankful to be a part of it.”

Strengthening Family Connections

Donovan shared with us the powerful influence moving to Reno has had on his family life. By working at Ridgeline, Donovan has been able to live closer to his extended family and has taken advantage of the proximity to build meaningful experiences: “I recently joined a co-ed soccer league with my sister!”

Photo Caption: Donovan and his daughter on the shores of Lake Tahoe.

Growth and Community – a Common Goal

When a tech company focuses on its local community like Ridgeline does, it demonstrates that it is committed to helping its surrounding environment grow and thrive, which in turn helps its local employees and their families do the same. When asked about being part of Ridgeline during this period of its growth, Donovan said:

“I’m thrilled to be a part of the Ridgeline story as we continue to grow and invest, creating something special here in Reno. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to do this along with an incredible group of people, both at work and in my personal life.”

Companies like Ridgeline and talented professionals like Donovan help our community grow and thrive. As Donovan illustrates, Reno is not only a great place to live, but it’s an amazing environment to work in due to its vibrant businesses and strong community networks. We are thankful to Ridgeline and other companies like them that are investing in Reno and helping to make this city a reliable hub for economic progress.

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Featured Photo: Donovan, his wife, and his daughter exploring the landscape in Reno, Nevada. Photo courtesy of Dani Rawson Photography

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