5 Green Companies Spearheading Environmental Sustainability in Reno-Tahoe

Featured image showing a collage of the green companies in Reno, Nevada

5 Green Companies Spearheading Environmental Sustainability in Reno-Tahoe

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A growing number of local companies are incorporating eco-friendly solutions into their operations. Coupled with the continued advancement and expansion of eco-conscious technology, the future is looking brighter. These developments reflect a market that’s receptive to green businesses. But it also demonstrates the growing number of entrepreneurs and companies making the environment an actionable priority.

As we continue to see green growth in the business sector, Reno-Tahoe sits at the forefront of this shift towards sustainability. Many local companies remain dedicated to creating a better future through environmentally friendly stewardship and practices.

Keep reading to learn more about five green companies paving the way for an eco-friendly future.

1. Outlaw Soaps, Inc.

inline image showing two Outlaw Soaps in sustainable packaging
Outlaw Soaps Smell Like the Wild West

In October 2022, the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN) named Outlaw Soaps, Inc. the “Leader in Sustainability” for small businesses. The company specializes in creating soaps and lotions with scents evocative of the romance and adventure of the Wild West. Think campfires, sagebrush, and bourbon. Besides making sure the company’s fans (a.k.a. Outlaws) continue to smell amazing, the company has placed a premium on caring for the environment.

Outlaw Soaps, Inc. packages its merchandise in recycled and recyclable chipboard boxes. All lotion and body wash bottles are made from recyclable aluminum. Although the shift to aluminum proved a costly endeavor, many investors stepped up to support the company, including StartupNV, Springdale Ventures, Battle Born Ventures, and LAUNCH, among others. But Outlaw Soaps, Inc. hasn’t stopped there when it comes to protecting the Blue Planet.

The company has incorporated carbon offset practices into their Shopify store and contributed to the planting of more than 46,000 seedlings in forest-protection initiatives. These trees will help offset the global carbon produced during the delivery of their products. Outlaw Soaps, Inc. also recently added refill pouches to their product line. These pouches allow customers to decrease their carbon footprint by buying in bulk. They also extend the lifespan of the recyclable aluminum containers developed by the brand over multiple usages.

2. nZero

nZero Helps Companies Identify Emissions Blind Spots and Provide Actional Insights to Help Customers Reach Their Sustainability Goals

When it comes to large companies, nZero is setting the standard for environmental stewardship. For this reason, they are EDAWN’s 2022 recipient for large business sustainability. The company’s carbon management platform provides 24/7 measurement and analysis of granular emissions data. It captures changes by the hour providing actionable insights designed to guide customers toward sustainable goals and net zero emissions.

As nZero points out, change for the better starts with accurate measurements and an understanding of a company’s emissions. When nZero’s new technology came on the scene, emissions reporting relied on third-party averages of annual data with an inaccuracy of up to 40 percent! These skewed readings inadvertently contributed to inefficient operational decisions and the poor deployment of capital to address ecological needs.

Fortunately, by increasing the accuracy of carbon emissions measurements, nZero has helped companies become proactive in identifying emissions blind spots and achieving sustainability goals. In addition, they are committed to bringing clarity, transparency, and accuracy to the collection and analysis of emissions data.

3. Ormat Technologies, Inc.

Featured image showing the Ormat Technologies power plant.
Ormat Technologies Power Plant – Offers Unparalleled Renewable Energy Resources

As a leading renewable energy developer, Ormat Technologies, Inc. remains dedicated to sustainable growth and business practices. The company specializes in geothermal energy production and equipment manufacturing to produce eco-friendly energy with zero carbon emissions.

Ormat has generated a gross capacity of 3,200 megawatts and a total geothermal energy generating portfolio of 1,012 megawatts through the power plants they’ve engineered, manufactured, and constructed. The result? A reduction in carbon dioxide generation of 5.6 million metric tons. That’s the equivalent of 1.2 million automobiles off the road each year!

4. Waste Management of Northern Nevada

Waste Management WM of Northern Nevada Offers Reliable and Responsible Waste Services for Businesses and Residents

You’ve seen the big green trucks all over town, keeping our community clean by collecting trash, recycling and yard debris. But Waste Management isn’t just a garbage company managing waste, it’s the nation’s industry leader helping residents and businesses achieve their sustainability goals.

It’s why the company has changed its name to WM instead of Waste Management. It’s why their local landfill, Lockwood Regional Landfill, is home to a landfill gas-to-energy power plant. It’s why WM trucks run on renewable natural gas instead of diesel and are outfitted with the latest technologies to keep our communities safe and our recycling clean. And it’s why area residents working for WM are constantly reaching out to the community to help everyone understand the importance of recycling.

From in-person seminars to tours of its EcoCenter Materials Resource Recovery Facility, WM is working hard in Reno to inform all about the importance of working together for a sustainable tomorrow.

WM is no longer just a waste management company, it’s a green organization working to keep Reno and the surrounding area green and clean.

For more information, visit RenoRecycles.com.

5. Sims Metal

Processed Scrap at Sims Metal Facility Sorted by Metal Type

For more than 100 years, Sims Metal has been at the center of the circular economy by allowing individuals, businesses and governments to generate maximum value, minimize waste, and divert millions of tons of secondary materials from landfill. As a global leader in metal recycling, Sims Metal buys and processes discarded ferrous and nonferrous metal, then sells the recycled material to customers around the world.  

Sims Metal is keenly focused on providing circular solutions for society, so they are dedicated to investing in innovative technologies that enable the extraction of greater value from various inputs. Ultimately working toward a world without waste, Sims Metal’s service offering is based on the premise of using recycled material to reduce the reliance on, and the demand for, raw materials and gas. They will also continue to focus on reducing their own energy consumption, bringing down costs, and increasing resource security. 

Green Companies Changing Northern Nevada for the Better

Living in Northern Nevada comes with the constant invitation to get outdoors with more than 300 days of sunshine annually, four beautiful seasons minus extreme temperatures, and some of the most breathtaking views on the planet. (There’s a reason the first all-color network television western, Bonanza, was filmed in the region!)

So, it’s little wonder Reno-Tahoe has attracted green companies that place a high premium on sustainability. As these companies continue to spearhead environmentally-friendly initiatives, EDAWN will be there to celebrate and recognize their work. Are you interested in learning more about the green revolution in Reno-Tahoe and how you can get in on the action? Submit your resume today.

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