Reno Beckons You Promising To Be Ideal

Featured image showing Reno, Nevada, the biggest little city in the world sign.

Reno Beckons You Promising To Be Ideal

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Come to play or come to stay. Reno beckons those from near or far, promising to be a perfect place to work, live, and play. It’s an ideal setting for working professionals and families. recently featured Reno as a top place to live stating a multitude of reasons like stunning scenery, world-class outdoor recreation, flourishing culture, and thriving economy. Of course, the list wouldn’t have been complete without mentioning the tax-friendly policies for businesses and individuals. Here is what they had to say:

Why Reno Beckons

Reno, Nevada, often flies under the radar in the “best places to live” conversation. But it shouldn’t — the Biggest Little City in the World has amenities in spades that make it a great place to live, from its stunning scenery and world-class outdoor recreation to its flourishing arts and culture scene and a thriving economy buoyed by an emerging technology industry.

Reno’s central location and lots of direct flights are attractive for people who do business on the West Coast, but prefer not to pay West Coast rents. Plus, Nevada’s tax-friendly policies appeal to individuals and businesses alike. Not only is there no personal income tax and no estate or inheritance tax, there’s also no corporate income tax, inventory tax or franchise tax, making it a magnet for entrepreneurs as well as international companies like Tesla and Panasonic. Indeed, new companies in Reno are attracting big investments, making it a great place to build a business or scale your start-up.

But it’s not all work and no play. Many people come to Reno for its proximity to Lake Tahoe and decide to stay for its unrivaled quality of life. Commutes are short and outdoor pursuits of every stripe are just outside the door, meaning you can easily hit the slopes or a mountain trail after work, or take a quick whitewater run in the Truckey river, which runs right through downtown Reno.

When it’s time to unwind, Reno’s world-class beverage and dining scene can be enjoyed al fresco year-round. Burning Man sculptures and murals pepper the city —  magnets for art lovers from near and far. Reno is also a sports town, with a minor league baseball team and a brand-new hockey arena. Add in a long list of year-round festivals, and you’d be hard-pressed to ever run out of fun things to do in Reno.

With its relaxed and welcoming community, excellent schools and more affordable real estate than nearby states, Reno is also a great place to raise a family. In particular, as it becomes a technology hub, Reno is positioning itself as a leader in robotics education and helping ready graduates for tremendous growth in high-paying careers, making Reno an ideal place to plant roots.

What are your reasons for loving Reno? Does Reno beckon you? Drop us a line or leave a comment below to let us know. We love to hear and share your stories.

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