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A Global Talent Acquisition Specialist’s Take on One of the Fastest Growing Job Markets in the US

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In recent years, countless recognizable brands have moved to the Reno-Sparks area: Apple, Intuit, Microsoft, Patagonia, and Tesla, just to name a few. This influx of major companies has come with thousands of new jobs. As a result, the Biggest Little City has garnered a reputation as a hub for advanced manufacturing, cutting-edge tech, and E-commerce jobs. In fact, Reno now boasts one of the fastest growing job markets in the nation.

Why so much focus on Northern Nevada? Relocating or starting a company here comes with many benefits. These include an enthusiastic workforce, the area’s business-friendly climate, and no income tax for businesses.

Few can speak to Reno’s amazing transformation and growth in recent years better than global talent acquisition specialist Haydeé Acebo. Read on to find out more about how relocating to Nevada revolutionized her life.

Creating a Life in Western Nevada

Haydeé graduated from the Florida International University with a degree in broadcasting journalism. Relocating to Reno proved natural for her after securing work at KREN, a Univision-affiliated television station. There, she spent two years as a news reporter, producer, and anchor.

This job allowed Haydeé to get to know the local community and its many offerings: “I fell in love with Reno because of the tight community and various activities for all, including the Great Reno Balloon Races, skiing, snowboarding, visits to breathtaking Lake Tahoe, and attending UNR Wolfpack basketball games.”

The proximity to other happening cities marks another great aspect of the community in Haydeé’s eyes. “I also enjoy being close to major cities, such as San Francisco and Sacramento, and it’s so easy to fly to other destinations with non-stop flights leaving from the Reno-Tahoe International Airport.”

Major Life Changes and Opportunities in One of the Fastest Growing Job Markets

The life-changing momentum didn’t stop with a great job and fun community activities, though. Haydeé met and married her husband in Reno. So, when it came time to relocate for her job, she made the bold decision to secure a new position and stay in Northern Nevada.

This plan involved returning to school at the University of Phoenix where she received an MBA. Today, she enjoys her dream job as manager of global talent acquisition at Charles River Laboratories: “Charles River has given me the opportunity to blend in all my skills and use them in a global capacity.”   

She also remains impressed by the region’s strong support network when it comes to attracting national and international talent. “In Human Resources, there are many opportunities, particularly if one is affiliated to the Northern Nevada Human Resources Association. They hold monthly meetings that are educational but also very important for networking.”

A Great Place for Outdoor Activities

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But life in Western Nevada isn’t all work and no play. In fact, the area’s bountiful outdoor activities keep Haydeé very busy.

She’s found many outlets for one of her driving passions, swimming in open water competitions. From Alcatraz to Donner Lake, and Lake Tahoe, she’s competed in numerous events. “I have made great friendships participating in these swimming events on our beautiful lakes, and I realize I probably couldn’t do all I do anywhere else.”

She’s also picked up a few new hobbies since coming to the area. “Because I didn’t live close to snow in Ecuador, I had never experienced snow activities. I learned how to ski and snowboard at Mt. Rose and Tahoe and bonded over those activities with my now husband.”  

A Rich and Varied Cultural Landscape

Besides endless opportunities for outdoor activities, Haydeé appreciates the area’s many cultural activities. These include attending concerts by the Reno Philharmonic Orchestra at the mid-century geodesic treasure the Pioneer Center for Performing Arts. She also loves going to concerts at the Grand Sierra Resort where rock legends and today’s major stars regularly take the stage.

She can’t get enough of the area’s growing foodie scene either. From award-winning midsize breweries such as Brasserie Saint James and Great Basin Brewery, to Basque Food and a Picon Punch at  Louis’ Basque Corner, and other ethnic food at Royal India, Arario in Midtown, and Bangkok Cuisine, options abound.

Reno also has a delectable food cart scene. One of the best places to savor this? Weekly summer gatherings known as Food Truck Fridays along the scenic Truckee River. And there are plenty of places to enjoy a swanky, one-of-a-kind cocktail at places like Death and Taxes and the Chapel Tavern.

Life in the Biggest Little City in the World

Haydeé could speak volumes about the joys of life in Reno. But she sums it up in this way:  “My husband and I just love it here. It’s a great place to make lasting connections and friendships. It’s a great place for raising a family due to the kid-friendly community, and people are very nice. And talk about pets? It’s priceless being able to take your dog for a hike or to the lake.”

Ready to learn more about the endless opportunities waiting for you in one of the fastest growing job markets in the country? Contact us today to find out why Reno’s where you want to be.

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