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5 Reasons You Should Move to Reno That Might Surprise You

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The Biggest Little City in the World has planned for those looking to live, work and play.

In recent years, midsize cities in the U.S. have seen a renaissance. People who previously favored larger metro areas are putting down roots in cities such as Reno, Nevada. So, what makes certain midsize cities appealing places to move? Compared with big cities, affordable housing, quality of life and business opportunities are only a few of the main draws. Add outdoor adventure, culture and natural beauty to the mix and you’ve just described Reno.

In addition to young people hoping to buy their first home and grow their careers, Reno is also a smart choice for families who want space to grow, established businesses looking to expand and entrepreneurs interested in a more balanced life.

What are Reno’s secrets to success as a thriving destination for relocators from large, expensive cities? Here are five things about Reno you might not know yet:

1. Yes to business, yes to jobs — no to income tax

In 2016, Tesla opened its Gigafactory, employing over 5,000 people. Other large companies such as Apple, Switch, Microsoft, Intuit and Patagonia, have facilities in the Reno area, creating thousands of jobs for all different skill levels and backgrounds.

In addition to its cutting-edge tech jobs, Reno is a hub for advanced manufacturing, technology and E-Commerce.  Nevada provides tax incentives for businesses to relocate and expand, thus supporting continued growth in the region. The number of new jobs and an enthusiastic workforce create a climate of opportunity for job businesses and employers.

Something else you might not be aware of: There is no income tax for businesses or individuals. This is a further incentive for new or established businesses and workers to move to Reno.

2. More bang for your paycheck

Housing is one of millennials’ main concerns, as they are being priced out of the Bay Area, New York City and elsewhere.

Whether you’re renting or buying, Reno is more affordable than many larger cities. In 2019, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco skyrocketed to about $3,609. Compare that with Reno’s average one-bedroom rent: roughly $1,259. Along with Reno’s no-income-tax incentive, savings like these are something to consider.

When it comes to quality of life, a smaller city provides its residents with more access to the community. In New York City, you may never meet your next-door neighbor, but in Reno, the neighborhood vibe is alive and well.

3. Abundant new culture

Nevada’s Biggest Little City in the World also has a thriving craft beverage scene, trendy dining spots, events, festivals, a month devoted to the arts, shopping and a beautiful riverfront promenade.

Recently, tenacious small-business owners and developers revamped Reno’s downtown and Midtown districts, making way for a fresh new scene.

For craft beer, Brasserie Saint James is an award-winning midsize brewery for this Reno’s locals and visitors. For a real treat for your palate, head over to Lulou’s for a hip and modern upscale, French dining experience.

If you’re in the mood for something more ethnic, sample the ethnic cuisines in Reno – from Indian at Royal India to Filipino food at Silong Kainang Pinoy.

Great Full Gardens is another dining spot that offers healthy meals in a fun, lively setting. And make sure to enjoy some bluegrass at Mountain Music Parlor, or catch local musicians at the Midtown Wine Bar.

When it comes to culture, don’t forget that Reno is the gateway to Burning Man — a huge gathering in the desert that happens once a year. Playa Art Park in downtown Reno is host to some of the sculptures produced for the festival, and Burning Man now has a business headquarters in the city as well. You can gear up for the play at The Melting Pot World Emporium or Junkee Clothing.

4. The great outdoors

You don’t have to go far to experience outdoor adventure. Reno is situated at 4500 feet above sea level – less than an hour from Lake Tahoe — a popular destination for picturesque hiking, camping, swimming and boating.

Nestled against the Sierra Nevada, the area provides easy access to skiing and other winter sports. The Truckee River flows right through the middle of town — literally. So grab a tube and hop in. Outside town, the river is great for kayaking and whitewater rafting.

5. A top-flight research university

Not everyone knows that Reno is home to a Tier 1 research university. The University of Nevada, Reno (UNR), born out of the Morrill Land Grant Act, has enjoyed notable enrollment growth in recent years.  Having been listed as one of the top research universities by the Carnegie Foundation, UNR has seen record-breaking growth in not only in the diverse student enrollment, but also in faculty-student problem solving ventures that blaze new paths for future leaders.

A doctoral university, UNR is best known for its science, engineering and medical programs, including earthquake science and biotechnology. Both students at UNR and potential employers mutually benefit from a “pipeline” relationship, by which recent grads often get jobs in Reno and stay in the area. It’s a win-win.

While prices soar in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles and New York City, Reno is a great contender for those who want big-city advantages with small-city charm, community and convenience. Fresh opportunities abound for people in all different phases of their lives. Start out, scale up, downsize or launch a new career. It’s all possible in Reno!

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