Attention Job Seekers: We Asked, You Answered! Now What?


Attention Job Seekers: We Asked, You Answered! Now What?

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In a recent poll to Work Live Play Reno Tahoe site visitors, we asked what your current job-seeking status was. Below are the results. Thank you for participating in the survey. Now we can better assist you in your next steps. See all our offerings outlined here.

We Asked

Are you seeking a job locally or remote, or have you found a role locally or remote lately?

You Answered

  • Locally all the way! – 24.1%
  • I’m pursuing that remote life! – 27.6%
  • I recently found a remote job! – 6.9%
  • I recently found a local job! – 3.4%
  • I am open to anything! – 37.9%

Resources We Offer


For those of you seeking local job positions or are open to anything, rest assured, the Reno, Nevada job market is strong. In March, 2021 we pulled the following Job Stats:

  • 27,716 Jobs Openings (17,297 jobs requiring no experience). Browse Hiring Companies | Nevada Industry Excellence: Manufacturing Jobs | State Resources for Job Seekers
  • The Average Salary for Open Positions is $21.48 an hour which computes to a base of $44,700 a year.
  • Top 3 Occupation Openings: Registered Nurses, Truck Drives & Order Fillers.
  • Top 3 Posted Job Titles: Truck Drivers, Warehouse Associates & Customer Service.
  • Top 3 Common Skills: Communications, Customer Service & Management.
  • Average Posting Duration: 28 Days – Meaning: Don’t get discouraged, it takes time to land a gig. Also, apply even if the job was posted over 1 month ago.

Local Companies Urgently Hiring

Sometimes it helps to have an insider’s look at what is happening. We work directly with the companies listed below and know for a fact, they are urgently hiring. Click on the company name ->to search their open roles

Contact Your Community Liaison

When you are looking for a job in a new town, you may not have the connections you need to get your foot in the door. Remember to engage with your community liaison, Lindsey, for free support through your job-seeking process. She acts as your go-between to hiring companies in the greater Reno area. Instigate your initial conversation by submitting a resume here. Email her questions along the way.

Remote Worker Assistance

We recently added a section to the Work Live Play Reno Tahoe website geared specifically for Remote Workers. Here, you will find all the resources you need to work remotely in Reno-Tahoe. Working remotely from Reno, Nevada boasts many benefits. You hold on to more of your income because there is no state income tax and the cost of living is lower than our Bay Area counterparts. We also have a ton of outdoor activities and community resources that will make you and your family feel welcome.

Explore Remote Employment Options | | | |

There are a number of online remote work platforms, some specialized and some general, and more are popping up all the time. Register with as many as you can. See EDAWN’s Tips for Accessing Remote Work for details on several of these programs.

Work Directly with Lindsey, Our Remote Worker Community Liasion

Beyond that, if you are looking for some one-on-one communication, reach out to Lindsey, our Remote Worker Community Liasion. She can help you explore remote employment options and resources available to remote workers. Get Started.

Work Live Play Reno Tahoe is a community-wide initiative powered by EDAWN to recruit skilled workers with all levels of expertise to join the Northern Nevada workforce. Get started by submitting your resume, browse hiring companies, and connect directly with Lindsey, our Community Liaison who will help lead your quest for employment. Working Remotely? Check out our extensive list of Remote Worker Resources. Students can also participate! Visit our new Student Portal to start making connections for your future.

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