Baltimore-based cybersecurity company has big plans for Reno

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Baltimore-based cybersecurity company has big plans for Reno

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People Before Technology. It’s a unique guiding principle for a cybersecurity and cloud company to have. That’s Think|Stack, a Baltimore-based company with big ideas and big plans. 

When Andrea Digiacomo, COO, made the decision to join the Think|Stack team more than four years ago, it was ultimately the culture that drew her in. She was attracted to more than what Think|Stack did  — it was how they did it. 

Think|Stack’s culture is purposefully unique and intentionally defined. There is a passionate focus on teamwork and treating every member of the team as family. That same focus on people is what motivates the company’s Human Centered Design value. People come first, in the workplace, in the technology, in the solutions. That drives everything the team does, from innovating, designing, and building to experimenting, learning, and hiring.

For Think|Stack’s clients, who do business across a variety of industries, that means every solution is personalized and customized to meet specific needs. Andrea suggests thinking of Think|Stack as a service, rather than a product. The company’s services include cybersecurity, infrastructure, cloud management, consulting, and emergency response. To continue to meet the needs of their growing business and team, the company is currently in the process of expanding to Reno. 

With clients all over the country, the Think|Stack team knew they wanted a centralized place to open a West Coast headquarters. They wanted to build something similar to what exists now in Baltimore. With its rapidly growing economy, tech presence, and up-and-coming city vibe, Reno was the natural choice. 

Andrea made her first trip out in January. Her initial reaction to Reno: awesome. “You are super close to Lake Tahoe and have the ability to be in the mountains and go skiing, but the downtown area is up and coming too. There is lots to do. The view of the mountains from the downtown area shows how quickly you can go skiing or mountain biking.”

Beyond the lure of the outdoors, there are many other factors that influenced the Think|Stack team. The cost of living is lower than a number of big cities. Reno is walkable, clean, and connected. Andrea shared, “It had that small-town feel that everyone knows each other. There were a few people taking us around and they seemed to know people everywhere they went. You feel like you can have an impact in the community and get to know people. Similar to Baltimore, it has a cool vibe to build a business in.” 

While Think|Stack doesn’t have a permanent home of its own in Reno yet, the team plans to start in coworking spaces. The goal is to grow the Reno office to about 100 employees in the next two years. First, they’re looking to hire entry-level cyber security analysts through senior-level analysts. Once those team members are on board, they’ll be hiring for a variety of sales, project management, and account management roles, as well as some mid to senior-level technical engineers. The team is looking for diverse talent, including veterans and students from the nearby university and colleges. Once the Reno team is more established, there is already talk around creating an internship program as well. 

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