Delectable Reno Restaurants for Hometown Eats & Historical Treats

FEatured image showing a collage of food options offered at the top delectable reno restaurants

Delectable Reno Restaurants for Hometown Eats & Historical Treats

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Reno-Tahoe is renowned for incredible restaurants, serving some of the best cuisine on the West Coast. Thanks to happy foodies, many Reno restaurants—some located conveniently in hotel properties—rank at the top of national review sites. A select group of establishments, housed in historical buildings, serve up a hearty dose of nostalgia along with exceptional cuisine. These spots bring Reno’s uber-cool history to life, one mouthwatering bite at a time.

Keep reading for the full scoop on four of the best places to dine in the “Biggest Little City” (BLC) while sinking your teeth into Northern Nevada’s colorful past.

Homegrown Gastro Pub (1928)

Built in 1928 for Paul Giraudo, a Virginia City shopkeeper, the Giraudo Building (719 South Virginia Street) was designed by Frederic DeLongchamps, the Silver State’s premier 20th-century architect. It originally housed two storefronts and one apartment on the ground floor, with six additional units on the second floor. Over the years, commercial ventures included Gunter’s Grocery and the aptly named Penguin, a popular ice cream shop. 

Today, the Homegrown Gastropub occupies half the site, offering a delectable mixture of cuisine crafted from local, seasonal, and organic ingredients. No detail is overlooked in the careful preparation of each healthy, palate-pleasing dish, and the cocktails are made with organic fresh squeezed juices.

Menu staples include the Vegetarian Portobello Mushroom Stack, featuring balsamic panko-crusted organic portabella mushroom layered with goat cheese, quinoa, and grilled veggies. You won’t want to miss out on other faves like the Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Braised Natural Baby Back Ribs, and Wild Alaskan Salmon, either. From their Homegrown Mary to the Local Buchimosa, you’ll also find plenty of refreshing takes on beloved cocktails. 

Inline image showing three types of fresh salads from Old Granite Street Eatery in Reno on a distressed antique rustic wood table.
Fresh salad from Old Granite Street Eatery

Old Granite Street Eatery (1941)

When a German immigrant named Gene Hinkel opened a café at the corner of Granite Street (now Sierra Street) and Ridge Street in 1941, World War II was raging, and the nation rocked out to the likes of Glenn Miller and the Andrews Sisters. Before moving to Reno, Hinkel lived in Tonopah, where he and his brother, Henry, ran the Mizpah Grill. The Hinkel brothers dabbled in various dining ventures, including the Nevada Smoke House and the West Second Street Café and Bar.

Fast forward to the 21st century, and the lovely brick building remains livelier than ever because of the Old Granite Street Eatery (243 South Sierra Street), a local favorite. Whether you’re after a bit of downtown nostalgia, a fantastic Happy Hour selection, or a robust menu heavy on the comfort food, this is your spot.

Highlights include the Revision Beer Cheese Burger, featuring house-made Revision Beer Cheese served atop two three-ounce patties with all the sides. Their Turkey Burger is the equivalent of Thanksgiving on a burger, complete with cranberry sauce and goat cheese. And if you’re looking for something a little less hands-on, you can’t go wrong with the Thai Coconut Salmon, Eight-Ounce New York Strip, or crispy beer-battered Fish & Chips.

Inline image showing duck sliced and elegantly plated on grilled fresh veggies and fried potato while ladle pours sauce. From Wild River Grille in Reno, Nevada.
Duck from the Wild River Grille

The Wild River Grille (1927)

In 1927, all eyes were on Reno’s elegant Riverside Hotel. The landmark dominated the city, a fresh 20th-century take on Reno’s humble birthplace. The riverfront property where the hotel sat saw its first settlement in 1859 when a California storekeeper named Charles William Fuller built a bridge allowing passersby to cross the Truckee River. From there, he scaled up to a modest “dugout” hotel. But the property’s second owner, Myron Lake, made it a lucrative property inadvertently laying the foundations for Reno in the process.

Today, you can spend a leisurely afternoon in the heart of the Biggest Little City’s birthplace at the Wild River Grille. It occupies the lower level of the Riverside Hotel, offering a nostalgic yet hip dining experience. And as Myron Lake first figured out, the gorgeous river setting sells itself! In other words, when the weather’s good, take advantage of the restaurant’s unmatched outdoor dining options.

From breakfast to Happy Hour and evening dining, the Wild River has you covered. It’s also a great place to catch a bite to eat before or after a performance at the Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts located across the street. Plan on getting spoiled with the highest-quality cuisine and generous portions. Starters worth your time include the Seared Pork Belly served with wildflower honey and toasted pistachios. And good luck choosing an entrée with options like the Idaho Trout Almondine and the Plum Chipotle Salmon.

Inline image showing two dinner options from The Depot Craft Brewery & Distillery. Also pictured is a Beer Tasting Flight. Dinners are steak, mashed potatoes and asparagus and salad with hearty vegies and sliced buttered bread.
Dinner offerings from The Depot Craft Brewery & Distillery

The Depot Craft Brewery & Distillery (1910)

In 1910, railroads remained the height of technology for transportation and the movement of goods. Of course, automobiles had started to make an appearance, but they still looked more like steaming carriages than a viable way of getting around. So, it’s no surprise that great care was put into the design and construction of the Nevada-California-Oregon Railroad headquarters, a lovely three-story building located along Reno’s 4th Street. The site remains a stunning testament to local history, from its beech wood floors to its brickwork.

It’s also the ideal spot to indulge your inner gourmand at The Depot Craft Brewery & Distillery (325 East 4th Street). Serving brunch, lunch, and dinner, The Depot also offers a delish Happy Hour menu. Ingredients are locally sourced and house-made, and the menu has a high-end yet relaxed vibe—the food equivalent of business casual.

From the Pastrami Sandwich to the Tacos Del Dia and the Depot Burger, come prepared to fill up. That said, leave a little room to sample the incredible selection of cocktails and drafts. The Depot is a labor of love with a lofty goal, “transforming base ingredients into far more noble forms.” The result is a dining and drinking experience founded on artful experimentation, quality ingredients, and a one-of-a-kind setting.

Reno Restaurants Steeped in History

Reno history is a fascinating subject, stretching from the full bloom of the Wild West to the heady 1950s showroom scene that drew celebs like Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra. And today, the BLC remains on the cutting-edge of new developments, from renewable energy technologies to the rise of the University of Nevada, Reno, one of the nation’s top research institutions. The Reno restaurants listed above provide a pleasant way to explore this incredible history while loading up on some of the city’s best cuisine.

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