Protoqual: A Reno-Based Startup that Revolutionizes Patient Experience and Staff Training with an Easy-to-Use Rating and Training App

Featured image showing Alan and Alex Altman, a father and son duo, owners of Protoqual, dressed in business casual standing together on a golf course smiling.

Protoqual: A Reno-Based Startup that Revolutionizes Patient Experience and Staff Training with an Easy-to-Use Rating and Training App

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Meet Alan and Alex Altman, a dynamic father-son duo and proud co-founders of Protoqual. This cutting-edge technology company has been revolutionizing the healthcare industry around the world. Their Reno, Nevada-bound adventure began two years ago when they moved their startup Protoqual to Northern Nevada. (Source: EDAWN honors 59 companies added or expanded in northern Nevada) Drawn to its up-and-coming tech scene and unparalleled business resources, the Altmans instinctively knew that Reno was the perfect place to establish Protoqual’s headquarters. And, Reno is glad to have them!

About Protoqual

Protoqual is committed to improving the healthcare experience for all individuals involved. The company believes in helping people and providing an empathetic and compassionate experience above all else. Protoqual strives to make a difference in the lives of those they encounter by focusing on creating a positive and inclusive environment for everyone.

Enhancing Patient Experience

Protoqual understands that patient satisfaction is a fundamental metric for evaluating the quality of healthcare services. However, gathering accurate and timely feedback from patients can be a challenging task for healthcare providers. Protoqual’s innovative app simplifies this process by providing an easy-to-use rating system that is delivered via text message, enabling patients to provide valuable feedback within seconds.

With Protoqual, patients can rate their experience on various aspects, such as quality of care, ease of booking and appointment scheduling, communication, and overall satisfaction, as well as provide free text comments. The app uses a user-friendly interface that ensures patients can effortlessly provide their feedback, making the process efficient and hassle-free. By collecting real-time feedback, healthcare providers can identify areas of improvement and promptly address any potential issues, ultimately enhancing patient experience. Get to Know Protoqual

Instant Feedback for Staff and 3-Minute Training Videos

Protoqual’s app is equally valuable for staff training purposes. Traditional staff training methods often involve manual assessments and delayed feedback, making it challenging for healthcare organizations to identify areas for improvement and implement change. Protoqual’s app tackles this issue by providing instant insights and education to healthcare staff in real time with 3-minute training videos.

With Protoqual, healthcare organizations can create customized training modules specific to their organization’s needs. The app offers interactive training materials, quizzes, and simulated scenarios that allow staff to evaluate their skills and knowledge in a practical setting. Protoqual’s rating system provides instant feedback on staff performance, highlighting both strengths and areas that require improvement. This real-time feedback empowers staff to actively engage in their professional growth, ensuring they consistently deliver high-quality care.

User-Friendly Interface and Data Analytics

Protoqual’s app has a user-friendly dashboard that is easily navigable even for technologically inexperienced individuals. The intuitive design ensures healthcare providers can assess their performance and seamlessly incorporate the app into their daily workflows and maximize its effectiveness.

Furthermore, Protoqual’s app offers sophisticated data analytics capabilities. Healthcare leaders can access comprehensive reports that provide insights into patient feedback, staff performance, and training outcomes. These analytics empower healthcare organizations to identify trends, patterns, and potential areas of concern, enabling targeted initiatives for quality improvement.

Bottom Line Payoff

Focusing on patient experience can pay off financially in several ways. First, understanding that healthcare is a competitive industry just like any other, means that patient retention, attracting new patients and differentiation from competitors is crucial. Beyond that, focusing on patient-centered care reduces legal and operational costs for facilities. All these benefits work in tandem with staff experience and helps reduce staff turnover rate. Lastly, the Medicare incentive program provides financial incentives to healthcare professionals and hospitals that provide quality care to Medicare patients. Overall, investing in patient experience can result in increased revenue, improved reputation, reduced costs, and a sustainable competitive advantage, leading to financial success for healthcare organizations.

Protoqual: Revolutionizing Patient Experience and Staff Training with an Easy-to-Use Rating and Training App

Protoqual’s user-friendly rating and training app demonstrate their commitment to revolutionizing patient experience and staff training in the healthcare industry. By providing an easy-to-use platform for instant feedback, Protoqual empowers both patients and healthcare staff to actively participate in enhancing healthcare services. With its innovative approach, Protoqual is helping healthcare providers excel in delivering exceptional patient care and fostering continuous professional development among their staff. As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, Protoqual sets a new standard for embracing technology, improving patient experience, and enriching staff training.

Life In Reno

From afternoon hikes above Washoe Lake with the pups, skiing at Heavenly, off-roading, and trail rides in Tahoe, the Altmans have had no problem adjusting to the outdoor lifestyle that Reno offers. With so many outdoor activities to enjoy year-round, Reno is the perfect destination for those looking to embrace a new lifestyle full of adventure and exploration. The Altmans have found endless opportunities for fun and excitement, and you can too! When asked to give advice to other entrepreneurs considering relocating to Reno, Alex said:

“Don’t wait. Make the move to Reno and start living your best life.”

Alex Altman, Protoqual Co-founder & COO

Calling Reno Home

Reno, Nevada has proven to be an attractive destination for startups due to its favorable business environment, supportive community, and emerging technological ecosystem. The recent relocation of the Altmans and the establishment of Protoqual’s headquarters in Reno further bolster this reputation. Altman’s decision to call Reno home highlights the city’s potential for startups to thrive, offering a strategic location with proximity to Silicon Valley, lower costs of operation, and a growing pool of skilled talent. As Reno continues to embrace entrepreneurship and innovation, it is quickly becoming a hotbed for startups, drawing more ambitious entrepreneurs like Alan and Alex Altman who recognize the city’s opportunities and benefits. With Protoqual leading the way, Reno is undoubtedly a flourishing hub for startups and a catalyst for economic growth in the region. Are you interested in relocating to Reno to begin or grow your startup? Chat with a local expert to help you make the first step and explore if Reno is right for your business. 

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