Employee Satisfaction: What Local Companies Are Doing to Retain and Develop Existing Employees

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Employee Satisfaction: What Local Companies Are Doing to Retain and Develop Existing Employees

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Companies looking to relocate to Northern Nevada have the same question. “What does your region offer in terms of workforce specific to my industry and enterprise?” Workforce development is one slice of a larger economic development pie. And this “pie” includes countless moving parts. Fortunately, Northern Nevada overperforms when it comes to fitting these parts together in the right way.

What does workforce success look like for the retention and development of existing employees? Let’s explore how local companies are promoting employee satisfaction. 

Why Employee Retention and Development Matters

Retaining quality talent is a vital component of business success. The most successful programs invest in every aspect of the work experience. These strategies allow companies to ramp up career satisfaction and keep the best talent. There’s no two ways about it. When companies put employees first, they create great places to work.

Just ask Nancy McCormick, Vice President of the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN). She explains, “Maintaining an employee-focused culture where employees’ input and feedback is welcomed and considered is key to employee retention. Creating opportunities for employees to grow and develop also drives loyalty, strengthening the connection between employees and employers. And especially post-COVID, flexibility is very important as employees adapt to new schedules and responsibilities.”  

EDAWN remains dedicated to encouraging Reno-Tahoe-based companies to think employee first. From flexible schedules and childcare to transportation and housing assistance. Other incentives may include financial literacy seminars, English as a second language (ESL), and high school equivalency programs.

Companies approach employee retention and development differently. But successful programs share common characteristics. First, they foster a culture of gratitude. Second, they recognize achievement. And, third, they encourage employee communication at all levels.

Reno-Tahoe’s Booming Economy and Talent Retention

Long-term hires bring significant value to a company. How? Through the knowledge and networks they build over time. Keeping them may involve educational support. Opportunities for advancement and consistent salary increases also prove popular. In a business climate where competition runs high, these efforts work. Melissa Marsh, Human Resources Director for LP Insurance Services, LLC, brings 25 years of experience to the industry. Before joining LP Insurance, she owned and operated HRinDemand, a full-service HR consulting services company.

Marsh advocates for employee development programs. They should help employees learn new skills, hone existing ones, and develop leadership abilities. “We are seeing a shift in Reno-Tahoe because of companies that are focusing on these strategies. For so long, talking about these programs and talking about gathering information from employees about their experience and workplace desires was pie-in-the-sky. Now we see that many employers are implementing development programs.”

Employers are going the extra mile to create favorable work environments. Communication remains central to such strategies. Marsh notes, “We are also seeing more requests for feedback from employers. This includes asking employees what kind of experiences they want at work and helping managers become better leaders. What a great time to work in such a beautiful place with great amenities while also having a wide range of employers who are committed to creating better workplaces for their most valued assets, people.”

Effective Strategies for Employee Development and Retention

EDAWN’s Existing Industry Awards recognize exemplary companies in Northern Nevada. These include small and large “Employee First” organizations. In 2022, PK Electrical and Elemental LED garnered acclaim for retention and development. PK Electrical, Inc. is a woman-owned electrical engineering firm. It has served the Reno-Tahoe region for more than 26 years. Elemental LED is a U.S.-based technology and engineering company. It is North America’s largest linear low-voltage lighting solutions provider.

In 2022, PK Electrical worked with a strategic planning team to study what matters most to employees. The results? PK Electrical announced new employee benefits in April 2022. These include a four-tier benefits program, rewarding employee longevity and loyalty. A fully paid health benefits program and a new profit-sharing program to round out the package.

Elemental LED places a strong emphasis on job creation. They’ve achieved this in two ways. By expanding manufacturing activities and engineering cutting-edge innovations. As a result, team size has grown by 45 percent. Talk about a positive, community-wide ripple effect! And starting wages have also seen significant increases, just one of many reasons it’s a fantastic place to work.

Local Companies and Employee Satisfaction

Companies like PK Electrical and Elemental LED put employee satisfaction first. Moreover, life in Reno-Tahoe comes with wonderful non-work-related benefits, too. Northern Nevada is the place to be for innovation, community development, and expansive economic growth.

Yet, the community remains quaint and intimately connected. In other words, locals enjoy the best of both worlds. Small-town charm and big-city jobs and amenities. The towering and rugged Sierra Nevadas offer expansive views of nature and plenty of recreational options. From ski trips to hiking, snowshoeing to camping and so much more.

Are you thinking about relocating to Northern Nevada? Or looking for increased job satisfaction? Reno-Tahoe is the place to be! Browse hiring companies now to start the journey towards your best life in one of the world’s most beautiful locations.

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