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How Relocating to Reno Helped Lindsey Dal Porto Find Her Best Life

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How Relocating to Reno Helped Lindsey Dal Porto Find Her Best Life

Lindsey Dal Porto has traveled all over the world, and she’s got the resume to prove it. Originally from Brentwood, California, she remembers it as a quaint agricultural town in the East Bay. One and a half hours from San Francisco, her father owned an Angus cattle ranch.

But as the Bay Area grew, Lindsey found herself longing for something else. California’s expensive standard of living, long commutes, and crowded urban core left Lindsey little room to pursue outdoor activities. It was time for a change.

Lindsey longed for mountains and lots of adventures. Relocating to Reno would help her find her best life. But she had some world traveling to do first.

From World Traveler to Talent Recruiter

Lindsey graduated in 2007 from the University of California, Berkeley, with dual degrees in Italian and Political Science. Soon, she landed a job as a trip leader for Backroads, a luxury active travel company.

Exchanging the smog and congestion of the Bay Area for a life of adventure, Lindsey led tour-goers on luxury hiking and biking trips to every corner of the globe. While she loved the work, she felt homesick after a few years of living abroad. So, she decided to get a job stateside and move back home.

Settling in San Francisco, she worked with an agency recruiter to translate her trip leader skills into the modern workforce. Landing a job at KIXEYE, a gaming startup, she worked as a recruiting coordinator. This meshed beautifully with her love of working with people.

Before long, she fell in love with talent as a career. She gained experience with various tech startups handling recruiting operations, agency recruiting, university recruiting, and more.

The Missing Piece

Lindsey honed and refined her career aspirations. She focused on helping early-stage startups recruit the right talent. But something was still missing.

She longed for mountains, great places for outdoor activities, and a strong sense of community. So, she jumped at the opportunity to relocate to the Reno-Tahoe area while working as an agency recruiter for a boutique firm out of San Francisco. And she’s never looked back.

According to Lindsey, “I quickly saw the growing startup ecosystem in Reno and wanted a piece of it. So, I attended a One Million Cups event where Bombora was presenting. Within three months, I reached out to the co-founder. I contacted them as a client and had early success filling a few key roles for them. So, they hired me full-time!”

In Northern Nevada, she also found the missing piece of the puzzle when it came to living her best life. “I never expected to fall in love with Reno the way I have. The community-minded, collaborative nature of not only the entrepreneurial ecosystem but of the business ecosystem as a whole, is truly unique. I absolutely love it. I am constantly meeting new people, forging new relationships, and attending interesting events.”

A Brave New Entrepreneurial Frontier

Her work at Bombora proved both rewarding and fulfilling. She appreciated the smart and passionate people she worked with and learned volumes about business operations, people, process iteration, and more. This invaluable experience helped prepare for the launch of her own company, Forza Talent Partners.

According to Lindsey, “I started this venture after seeing the gap in tech talent acquisition expertise and the growing number of startups moving to and doing business in Reno. Being lucky enough to be a huge part of the community through EDAWN, and other organizations such as StartupNV, I knew I wanted to change the conversation and be a part of bridging that gap.”

She relishes the chance to partner with local startups to help them build their teams and recruiting strategies, and she feels jazzed to be an entrepreneur helping other entrepreneurs.

An Active Lifestyle in “The Biggest Little City in the World”

But Lindsey’s life in Reno isn’t all about work. An avid cyclist, skier, runner, and weekend adventurer, Lindsey loves calling Northern Nevada home. Life in close proximity to the Sierra Nevadas, Lake Tahoe, and world-renowned ski resorts affords endless opportunities for outdoor adventure. And Reno represents a hub for adventure, with easy access to play in a variety of settings from rivers to lakes and deserts, too.  

She also enjoys Reno’s Midtown scene with its trendy collection of one-of-a-kind restaurants, boutiques, craft breweries, gastropubs, and bars. And for a little culture? She loves Food Truck Fridays by the picturesque Truckee River or an afternoon stroll through the Nevada Museum of Art.

Relocating to Reno Means Endless Opportunities for Work and Play

Northern Nevada swirls with both professional and recreational opportunities. As Lindsey sums it up, “It is a no-brainer that Nevada is a gorgeous spot to live and play. But what I want people to know is that there are SO many resources for career development and entrepreneurship here, especially in our Reno landscape. Between incubator programs, mentorship resources, organizations dedicated to workforce development, our tier 1 university, and an ever-increasing number of quality jobs in our region, this is a FANTASTIC place to work!”

Ready to learn more about the rich opportunities for work and play in Northern Nevada? Let’s talk about relocating to Reno. Contact us today to find out why Northern Nevada’s where you want to be.

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