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Reno Expert Shares All The Reasons We Love Living In Caughlin Ranch

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Below is a blog post from Rebecca Dickson, a resident of Caughlin Ranch and an agent at Dickson Realty’s Caughlin Ranch office. Here she shares the wonderful features of Reno’s west-end neighborhood – Caughlin Ranch. Caughlin Ranch is known for its elegant homes, beautiful foothills, and mountain views. The photos shown are from Jeff Dow, a well-known, award-winning Reno photographer.

“I love living in Caughlin Ranch. And, I don’t only say that because I’m also an agent at Dickson Realty’s Caughlin Ranch office.

As one of the original real estate agents for Dickson Realty in Caughlin Ranch, I’ve seen the neighborhood mature over the past three decades. This 2,400-acre master-planned community incorporates so many unique features and aspects. From the vast open space areas to the nearby conveniences to the friendly community, there’s a lot to love about living in Caughlin Ranch. To explore why Caughlin Ranch is such a special place, I chatted with a few of my colleagues and real estate agents, Bonnie LowderM.C. Pierson, and Diana Renfroe. All three are long-time Caughlin Ranch fans and residents. We all agree these are some of the many reasons we love Caughlin Ranch.

Glorious Open Space

Photo by Jeff Dow, courtesy of Homecrafters.

From the very beginning, developers Alan Means and Sam Jasick had a vision for the ranch. First, they chose to preserve the beautiful trees and the natural environment. Caughlin Ranch’s 1,200 acres of open space make it distinctive. Between the wildflowers and the natural streams, living in Caughlin Ranch is like living in a park. In fact, the neighborhood includes four major parks: Alum Creek corridor, East Ridge, Caughlin Crest, and Village Green. Caughlin Ranch also includes 26 ponds, lakes, and other watercourses. Being surrounded by so much nature and open space lends to a feeling of peace and serenity.

Residents and visitors can also walk, bike or hike along 20 miles of trails and recreation paths. We use the trails every day and enjoy seeing our neighbors and other Reno residents.

Housing For Every Age And Lifestage

With 26 sub-divisions, Caughlin Ranch has a home or community for every life stage and homebuyer. From condos to custom homes, there’s a mixed group of properties. Often, you’ll see multi-generational families living down the street from each other.

Smartly Designed From Day One

Photo by Jeff Dow, courtesy of Homecrafters.

Caughlin Ranch was the first, fully master-planned community in Reno. If you look at it now, all these years later, its planning and use stand the test of time. The number one thing that home buyers want is a sense of home, and they want that to make their lives better. I credit Alan and Sam for understanding this desire 30 years ago and for thinking differently about how to build a community.

Beautiful In Every Season

Caughlin Ranch is stunning in every season for many different reasons. In spring all the wildflowers bloom, and the streams and ponds come to life. When summer comes, everyone is out riding a bike, using the trail system or enjoying a concert in the park. Fall is breathtaking as the trees that line the streets vibrantly change color. In winter, the neighborhood lights up with beautiful and tasteful festive decorations.

Friendly And Inviting

Photo by Jeff Dow, courtesy of Homecrafters.

The nice thing about living in Caughlin Ranch is that all its amenities and features are right in your backyard to enjoy with your neighbors. The whole community has a very friendly attitude. It feels as if everybody’s walking around saying, “Isn’t this great?”

Room To Grow

Although Caughlin Ranch is a well-established master-planned community, it still offers many opportunities for home buyers. Pine Bluff, the newest neighborhood at Caughlin Ranch, features 43 semi-custom homes. Eagles Nest, one of the premier gated luxury neighborhoods in the region, has a few custom home lots available.

Close Enough To Everything

Photo by Jeff Dow, courtesy of Homecrafters.

While Caughlin Ranch is idyllic, it’s also not remote. You can find every service, store or restaurant you could need within an easy walk or drive. From stores and markets to doctors and dentists to wine bars and great restaurants, it’s all here. Downtown Reno, regional hospitals, the Reno-Tahoe International Airport, and other essential services are only a 15-minute or less drive away.

Be Part Of The Club

The Caughlin Club features many amenities for residents to enjoy, such as a year-round swimming pool and baby pool. It also has nine tennis courts, a full-size gym for basketball and racquetball court. The club also has state-of-the-art cardio and resistance training equipment and a spacious free weight room. It’s a community hub and a great place to meet your neighbors.

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Jeff Dow – www.jeffdow.com

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