New Panasonic Advanced Manufacturing Training Center Now Open

Featured image showing two young men in the new Panasonic Advanced Manufacturing Training Center utilizing the state of the art equipment while wearing safety google and smiling at the camera.

New Panasonic Advanced Manufacturing Training Center Now Open

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The doors of the newly opened Panasonic Advanced Manufacturing Training Center are now welcoming students and enthusiasts alike. Located at 645 E. Plumb Lane, this state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest technology and industry-standard equipment. Its purpose is to prepare individuals for a successful career in the electric vehicle (EV) battery industry as production operators or maintenance technicians. With the demand for skilled workers on the rise in northern Nevada, this training center aims to provide the necessary education and firsthand experience to meet industry needs. See the Press Release.

What to Expect

Within the facility, students can expect a hands-on learning experience with a range of equipment, including robotics and automation tools, computer-assisted design software, and simulated tool-cutting appliances. These resources will enable students to gain a deep understanding of the profession’s essential aspects and develop the skills required to excel in their careers. The center’s primary goals are to cultivate relevant knowledge, help students earn qualifications, and ensure their employability upon completion of the training.

One notable feature of the facility is the Skill Boss, an interactive device designed to replicate the digital and data-intensive practices of today’s advanced manufacturing workplaces. With over 55 functions, the Skill Boss creates an authentic learning environment that aligns with the demands of the industry. Instructors can leverage this device to develop immersive curricula that actively build upon students’ abilities and facilitate a comprehensive learning experience.

Leading the way in the training programs offered at the Advanced Manufacturing Training Center is the Basic Operations and Maintenance class, also known as MPT 101. This class introduces students to the safe operation of units and provides an introduction to Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) and Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), crucial technologies used in appliance control and sensor alignment.

Pat Jarvis, the Technical Sciences Grant Manager, expressed her enthusiasm for the benefits that the Panasonic partnership brings to the region. She highlighted the various activities that students will master throughout the course, such as the operation of basic hand tools, precision measurement, electrical diagnostic equipment, pneumatic valves, schematic reading, and motor installation. Additional courses will offer credentials in Advanced Manufacturing, such as Skills Certificates, third-party or industry-recognized certifications, and full Certificate of Achievement degrees.


The program is self-paced and structured in modules so students can keep building their skills. The end goal is flexible – students can earn a certificate, an AAS degree, or even a four-year degree in advanced manufacturing. Panasonic has an immediate need for 400 jobs that can pay as much as $32 an hour, the company noted in a press release. GOED’s Bostwick feels that the program reduces the risk for students because they likely have jobs lined up upon completion or they are already working while they study, which differs from the historic model of going to college for two or four years and graduating without any real prospects. (Source: NNBW)


The funding for this project comes from Nevada’s Workforce Innovations for a New Nevada (WINN) Fund, with administration by the Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) and support from the  Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation’s (DETR) Career Enhancement Program.

Panasonic Energy of North America’s Commitment

Allan Swan, President of Panasonic Energy of North America, emphasized the company’s commitment to being an employer of choice in Nevada. Swan stated that investing in education and talent development is a top priority for Panasonic, to meet production demands, build a domestic supply chain, and make electric vehicles more accessible.

TMCC is grateful for the opportunities that this partnership brings and emphasizes its commitment to expanding access and equity in higher education. The collaboration enables TMCC to provide students with employability skills, access to stackable degree programs, and opportunities for upward mobility.

To learn more about the Advanced Manufacturing Training Center and its offerings, please visit their website.

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