Reno-Tahoe Seasonal Living: Winter

featured image three young men enjoying the view of Lake Tahoe while skiing on the mountain

Reno-Tahoe Seasonal Living: Winter

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What’s the best time of the year in Reno-Tahoe? Answer: Any time of the year, especially winter! Whether you love the cold or prefer to stay cozy indoors, Reno is a great place to put down some roots, and some skis. 

As someone not native to the area, Brent Taylor didn’t know how to ski when he moved to Reno in 2017. He said, “I moved here from Birmingham, Alabama where I went to college and lived for around seven years.”

But it didn’t take him long to learn. Three days to be exact. He said, “On my third day living here, my boss at the time told me something along the lines, ‘you need to learn how to ski if you want to make friends out here.’” So of course, Brent learned how to ski.

“I took a lesson with a bunch of 8-year-olds (I was 25 at the time) and had a great time! Now I’m a loyal Mt. Rose season pass holder and get up there as much as I can.”

Beyond skiing and snowboarding in Reno-Tahoe, Brent discovered a long list of other outdoor winter activities to explore. Have you ever heard of a snow park? Reno’s snow parks are great for exactly what they sound like – playing in the snow. At many of these parks, you can sled, tube, or snowshoe. If you’re a hiker, there’s no need to wait until spring to hit the trails. Try snowshoeing! Or if you really want to see Reno-Tahoe from a new perspective, give dog sledding a try. 

On the flip side, Reno offers a nightlife that’s bustling year-round. The city has incredible spas, boutique shopping, and casinos. Like Brent’s found, it’s impossible to run out of things to do in the winter in Reno-Tahoe. If you want more ideas, check out

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