The Importance Of Connecting With Students Early On

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The Importance Of Connecting With Students Early On

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Graduation time is here and the class of 2022 is about to embark on their next chapter. What does it mean for hiring companies? Is there a fresh batch of the talented workforce on the brink of submitting resumes? One would hope so, but unfortunately, the statistics aren’t in favor of that. In fact, one in three students have no clear idea of how to set themselves up for career success following graduation. (source)

We would like to change that. Normally, employers recruit and then train. This new resource helps companies open channels of communication with students early on. Establishing relationships such as this can guide a student’s educational path, secure a position upon graduation, and set both the student and the company up for success.

Become A Partner Company

To roll out our new regional schools initiative, we launched a Student Portal on the website. There, students can start making connections now with you, our local hiring companies. We will act as the go-between for hiring companies seeking talent, and college students of all ages looking to turn their education into exciting career opportunities.

If you are a hiring company in the Reno-Sparks area and would like to partner with this initiative, send a message to Amanda Berry. There is no cost. Partner companies can gain access to the talent pool, set up a meet and greet with students, and be featured in our monthly newsletter.

Connect With Students

Work Live Play Reno Tahoe is a community-wide initiative powered by EDAWN to recruit skilled workers with all levels of expertise to join the Northern Nevada workforce. If you are a hiring company located in the Reno-Sparks area and wish to partner with us, send a message to the Regional School Liaison Amanda Berry. Connecting you with talent is our top priority!

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