The Logistics of Living and Working in Reno

featured image Jake Rauna and Kyle Sunderland standing in front of Full Tilt Signage

The Logistics of Living and Working in Reno

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Some people relocate to Reno for a job. Others are drawn in by our year-round outdoor adventures. Family. Nightlife. Possibilities. Everyone has their own reason, and there are many! For Jake Rauna and Kyle Sunderland, it came down to logistics. 

Jake knew Reno was a growing hub in the distribution world, and as he was looking to advance his career in logistics, the city sparked his interest. Similarly, Kyle moved to Reno from Phoenix specifically to work for Full Tilt Logistics. Both are now account managers at the company. 

Full Tilt Logistics prides itself on being a low-stress work environment with a commitment to simplicity, transparency, and communication. Jake agrees. He says Full Tilt is “very good about workplace flexibility. I can work from home or at the office. My hours are based on need and customer demand, which means I can be available for my kids when their schedules change.” 

Jake with friends at Squaw.

Kyle has found the same support for work/life balance. He says about the team: “These are great people who truly care about their employees and have an understanding of the importance of that balance.” 

Beyond partnering with its employees to work with family, school or other personal schedules and needs, Full Tilt Logistics has a reputation for allowing its employees to develop their own career path. Jake says, “Advancement is based on effort and results. The ability to succeed is not limited with caps and ceilings.” 

Job opportunities have exploded in Reno. More and more people are finding opportunities similar to what Jake and Kyle found. The chance to develop a fulfilling and balanced career is a compelling reason to choose Reno, and as Jake and Kyle discovered, it’s one of many. 

Both have found Reno itself to be enough of a reason to make the move. “Everything is growing,” Jake says. “The opportunities, the art scene, the variety of food, the talent pool. Reno is a boomtown in the middle of a high-paced growth period. It’s still a fun, small-town but it’s starting to do business like a big city.”

While the Reno-Tahoe area is becoming more metropolitan, its small-city-feel hasn’t gone anywhere. There are constant things to do and nearby spots to take off to. Kyle says, there’s a “great mixture of outdoor life and things to do in the city.” As you can see from Jake’s image on the right, the skiing in Reno-Tahoe has a lot of character! 

We think Jake scores points for radness. In fact, the skiing world in 2010 commemorated the local fallen hero Shane McConkey by resurrecting a game that Shane had invented with his friend Robb Gaffney in Squaw Valley – G.N.A.R, short for ‘Gaffney’s Numerical Assessment of Radness’ — as a point-based system for determining who was the ‘raddest’ skier at Squaw… now used on a daily basis throughout the world.

No matter what brings you to Reno, or even to a place of considering Reno, we’re glad you’re here. Submit your resume today and our Community Liaison will send it to hiring managers and recruiters. 

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