These 5 Remote Workers Call Reno Home

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These 5 Remote Workers Call Reno Home

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If you had a remote job that allowed you to work anywhere in the U.S., where would you choose to live? SuZan Powell, Amber Brandhagen, Kelsey Jensen, Jenna McQuattie, and Danielle Sanford all work remotely for companies that are scattered across time zones. Yet all five women share one time zone in the city they call home: Reno. 

SuZan, who is a National Account Manager for Publisher Services, Inc., used to work at the company’s headquarters in Atlanta, GA. When she started with the board game distributor, it was a $10 million company and her role included a little bit of everything. As it became the $100+ million company it is today, it began to source talent from all over the country. When SuZan and her husband made the decision to move from Atlanta to Reno, she wasn’t the first employee to make the transition to remote work. 

So why Reno? For SuZan and her husband, it was about finding a city that offered the lifestyle they wanted. She explains, “We love the outdoors and the sunshine. It rains a lot in Atlanta and has high humidity. It just wasn’t the area we wanted to settle in. We do miss the rain a little, but love the drier heat, sun, and the ability to be at Lake Tahoe in 40 minutes.”

The weather and abundance of outdoor activities that characterize Reno were similar selling points for Amber, Kelsey, Jenna, and Danielle. Amber, Wireless Division Manager/Senior Associate at NAI Capital, Inc., says that while she can work anywhere, she and her family prefer Reno because they enjoy being outdoors in their free time. She adds, “I love the seasons and the accessibility to Tahoe. The schools and community are great as well.” 

Kelsey, West Area Partner Marketing Manager for Cisco Systems, notes her love for Reno’s community as well. Because it’s an easy city to get around in, it’s not difficult to engage with everything Reno has to offer. Whether within the region or a short road trip away, there are many activities to try and sights to see. Kelsey calls Reno, “The perfect center for us.” 

While shaped by a number of factors, choosing where to live is often heavily influenced by work. But as many of these women have found, remote work offers their families the flexibility to choose what’s best for them and their lifestyles. While SuZan chose Reno for its weather, beauty, and proximity to family, she’s also been able to use the city’s location to her advantage. With her company’s ‘home base’ on the east coast, SuZan explains, “I am able to start the day early, with no commute. Because of that, I end the day in the afternoon, taking advantage of the extra time.”

Like SuZan, Jenna and Kelsey have found more time for what’s important to them. Kelsey says the combination of remote work and working for a company that is very accommodating of her life outside of work, allows her to balance her life how she needs and according to her own schedule. As an online ESL Teacher, Jenna has found a similar flexibility. She says, “Working remotely allows me to be home with my children and establish a schedule that works around them.” 

A remote opportunity with Palo Alto Networks gave Danielle something similar. When Danielle was ready to return to her career after choosing to be home with her kids for three years, she was unsure how exactly to navigate the transition. When she discovered Palo Alto Networks had part-time positions for caregivers who had a significant gap in their resume from that commitment, she knew she’d found her opportunity. Danielle, who is now a project manager of University Programs, shares, “It was a relief to have a company that recognized there are people out there who have something to contribute to the workforce, but might need some support integrating back into the working world.” Danielle started part-time with the company, eventually transitioned to 30 hours, and now works full-time. 

In her remote role, Danielle has had the opportunity to travel internationally. Last year, she went to Barcelona and Tel Aviv. As she gathered employee content for the company website, she says, “I got to meet with employees from all over the world and hear about how different countries approach their careers in the cybersecurity industry.” 

When asked how the Reno airport is for travelers, Danielle says, “Super easy. Small enough airport I can get through it quickly. Good options for food and coffee if I need them. Friendly staff. I’ve never had an issue.”

When home in Reno, Danielle enjoys getting outside her house to work. She appreciates Reno’s size and minimal traffic. “I can get around town quickly, but at the same time, Reno isn’t so small that I don’t have access to anything I need. We have good internet and call coverage, there are stores that have supplies if I need them. There are so many local businesses that are great to work from — coffee shops, tea places, restaurants to meet at. The weather is also great, so I work outside in my backyard often.”

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3 thoughts on “These 5 Remote Workers Call Reno Home”

  1. I’m one of 5 team members at DemandGen, a Marketing Technology services provider, who all work remotely from Reno. Our clients are based all across the country – some globally. After following my job with Porsche Cars North America to Atlanta in 1999, my wife and I decided to move back 7 years ago because we missed the great weather, the great outdoors and being close to family.

    1. Hi John, thank you for your comment. Reno is a great place to be! I’m glad to hear you were able to move back. Lindsey

  2. Thank you for this article! I visited Reno for the first time last week and will be moving out in the beginning of November. I was born and raised in South Florida, so the dry heat (and seasons of all sorts) will be a big change for me. I’m looking forward to the beautiful weather and lots of outdoor activities. Visiting during a pandemic was less than ideal, but Reno still managed to shine. I look forward to engaging in the community and making connections when I get out there.

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