Bay Area Finance Tech Company Expands to Reno

Figure Technologies has had a momentous past two years. The company launched in January 2018, ramping up operations and raising more than $50 million by March. Their locations in San Francisco, Texas, and Montana, soon supported a staff of 105. By December 2018, they felt ready to expand further.  They’ve done so by coming to [...]

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A Bright Future for Blockchains and Innovation Park in Northern Nevada

From tech innovators to major automotive manufacturers, influential enterprises have taken root in Reno-Sparks in recent years and are driving the creation of a new emerging technology hub in the West. In January 2018, Blockchains, LLC, closed on 67,125 acres in Sparks, cementing the company’s move to Northern Nevada. By June, workers moved into its [...]

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The Children’s Cabinet: Providing Resources for Families Living in Reno-Sparks

Since 1985, the Children’s Cabinet has worked tirelessly to keep children safe and families together. This year alone, they’ve provided 423 families with no-cost counseling services, assisted 16,022 youth through school and street outreach, and offered help and education to 6,500 parents. All told, the Children’s Cabinet has helped 12,000 families living in Reno-Sparks.   What’s [...]

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Job-Hunting Tips for the Best Tech Jobs in Northern Nevada

Franco Nepomuceno is no stranger to job hunting in Reno-Sparks. In 2016, he sent out more than 40 applications and sat through over ten interviews before landing his dream job as an Electrical Engineer at Scientific Games. While going through this process, the local economy was not yet booming the way it is today. As [...]

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The Reno Music Scene: Fiddler2’s Fresh Take on Scottish Music

Vanessa Porter and Holly Sternberg of Fiddlers2 in the Isle of Skye, Scotland The Reno music scene is one characterized by a wide diversity of musical genres and a strong community of professional musicians. From jazz to rock, Classical to Scottish music, options abound when it comes to catching highly talented acts. For [...]

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Reno Nonprofits Showcase: Patti Pietsch Weiske and Dress for Success

Did you know that more than 15 million single moms live in the US today? Or, that 45 percent have problems making ends meet? Fortunately, being a single mother doesn’t have to equate to lifelong economic disadvantage. That said, women living below the poverty level, including single mothers, often lack the clothing, skills, and professional [...]

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Leading Through Excellence at the Washoe County School District

The Washoe County School District (WCSD) covers 6,342 square miles, stretching from the California border east to Gerlach and the Oregon border south to Incline Village. It encompasses many small communities and the greater Reno-Sparks area. As the 59th largest school district in the United States, the WCSD continues to set the highest standards for [...]

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Reno’s Thriving Travel Hub: The Reno-Tahoe International Airport

A thriving travel hub, the Reno-Tahoe International Airport provides service with connections across the United States and the globe. Whether you reach the “Biggest Little City” through one of its 22 non-stop flights or endless other cities via a flight with a connection, one thing’s for sure. It’s never been easier to get to and [...]

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The Burning Man Effect on Northern Nevada

Burning Man’s annual economic impact in Northern Nevada remains impressive by any standard. Since 2013, a minimum of 70,000 people have participated in the event each year. Based on conservative estimates, it pumps more than $60 million into the local economy. This includes $50 million from participants of the event and another $10 million from [...]

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Out of the Doghouse: Dog-Friendly Places in Downtown Reno

In the “Biggest Little City in the World,” there are plenty of reasons to get Fido out of the doghouse. Reno is one of the most dog-friendly cities on the West Coast. From coffee shops and restaurants to stores and hotels, you’ll find plenty of fun things to do with your dog. And there’s no [...]

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