A Global Talent Acquisition Specialist’s Take on One of the Fastest Growing Job Markets in the US

In recent years, countless recognizable brands have moved to the Reno-Sparks area: Apple, Intuit, Microsoft, Patagonia, and Tesla, just to name a few. This influx of major companies has come with thousands of new jobs. As a result, the Biggest Little City has garnered a reputation as a hub for advanced manufacturing, cutting-edge tech, and [...]

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Billionaire Investor, Mario Gabelli States Reno, NV Is a Hotspot

Yahoo Finance famed billionaire investor Mario Gabelli mentioned Reno as one of the 3 “hotspots” people should pay attention to in the US. Mario Gabelli and his 'hotspots' Yahoo Finance Video  April 24, 2019 Billionaire investor Mario Gabelli breaks down his 'hotspots,' areas in the country that are heating up that investors should look to dive [...]

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Penn State Grad Finds Endless Opportunity After Relocating to Nevada

Why move to Nevada? Ask Brenda Grace-Smith this question, and her enthusiasm is both energetic and contagious. She’s also got a list of solid reasons professionals should consider this area, from the amazing economic opportunities afforded in Northern Nevada to its diverse community activities and proximity to other West Coast destinations. But she emphasizes one [...]

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How Relocating to Reno Helped Lindsey Dal Porto Find Her Best Life

How Relocating to Reno Helped Lindsey Dal Porto Find Her Best Life Lindsey Dal Porto has traveled all over the world, and she’s got the resume to prove it. Originally from Brentwood, California, she remembers it as a quaint agricultural town in the East Bay. One and a half hours from San Francisco, her father [...]

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Reno Expert Shares All The Reasons We Love Living In Caughlin Ranch

Below is a blog post from Rebecca Dickson, a resident of Caughlin Ranch and an agent at Dickson Realty's Caughlin Ranch office. Here she shares the wonderful features of Reno's west-end neighborhood - Caughlin Ranch. Caughlin Ranch is known for its elegant homes, beautiful foothills, and mountain views. The photos shown are from Jeff Dow, [...]

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5 Reasons You Should Move to Reno That Might Surprise You

The Biggest Little City in the World has planned for those looking to live, work and play. In recent years, midsize cities in the U.S. have seen a renaissance. People who previously favored larger metro areas are putting down roots in cities such as Reno, Nevada. So, what makes certain midsize cities appealing places to [...]

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One Successful Entrepreneur’s Advice: Nevada’s a Great Place to Start a Company

When Curtis Gregory moved to Western Nevada ten years ago, his company, Glass with a Twist, was little more than a startup. In fact, he ran it out of his condo in San Diego. After 12 years in the military as a fighter pilot, Curtis felt ready for a change. He knew that Glass with [...]

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Why Dr. Christine Johnson Says Nevada is a Great Place to Live

Whether she’s caring for horses on her picturesque property just south of Reno or getting interviewed by Don Wildman of the Travel Channel’s Mysteries at the Museum, Dr. Christine Johnson keeps a packed schedule. She’s collections manager at the Nevada Historical Society and an instructor at Truckee Meadows Community College and the University of Nevada, [...]

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