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Reno City Manager Discusses Economic Growth and the Best Place to Raise Kids

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As Reno’s City Manager, Sabra Newby has a unique perspective when it comes to discussing how the “Biggest Little City in the World” has evolved in recent years. From expansive economic growth to bountiful entrepreneurial opportunities, career-related reasons to move to Reno abound. 

But Sabra’s also a mom of two boys, aged seven and nine, which means she has plenty of practical insights when it comes to leading an active, family-friendly lifestyle in Western Nevada. 

Read on to learn about her experiences since taking up the civic mantle in Reno and why she’s convinced it’s the best place to raise kids.

Large Brands Relocating to Western Nevada

A graduate of Wellesley College and Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, Sabra has a firm grounding in political science and local governance, with the killer resume to prove it. Originally from Las Vegas, she also has a thorough understanding of the changes that have occurred since Reno first embarked on a path of significant economic diversification. 

“A lot of new companies have come to our area that are pretty exciting. Some of them, like Switch, Apple, Tesla, and Panasonic, aren’t located within the City of Reno itself. But the majority of their employees choose to call our city home. These new residents have brought fresh energy to Reno that’s not only exciting but infectious.”

In fact, the Milken Institute ranked Reno job growth #1 in 2018 in its listing of best performing cities. What’s more, Mario Gabelli, famed billionaire investor of Yahoo Finance, recently named Reno one of Gabelli’s Hotspots for investors

Sabra notes, “With the help of EDAWN, the City of Reno has added more than 48,000 new jobs to the economy with 29 new companies moving or expanding into the area. From manufacturing to medical tech companies, data storage to logistics, Reno is booming with a variety of career opportunities.”

Small Businesses Leading Reno’s Downtown Renaissance

But the exciting changes now happening in Reno don’t stop with large, recognizable brands. Nevada’s business-friendly environment, which includes no state income tax, is also attracting a high number of entrepreneurs. Reno’s tier 1 university, the University of Nevada, Reno, also offers a talented pool from which to draw qualified employees.

Just as small business is the backbone of the American economy, so a variety of small enterprises are redefining Reno’s landscape for the better. 

According to Sabra, “Midtown and Downtown are getting more shops and restaurants that locals feel comfortable coming to. People are really seeing it as everybody’s city center. Folks are going about their day getting groceries, eating lunch, shopping, and spending time downtown, and it’s great to see this shift in recent years.” 

A Mouthwatering Foodie Scene

image Sabra Newby with Colleagues Outside Reno City Hall

An inveterate foodie, Sabra also raves about the wonderful restaurant scene that’s sprung up in recent years. 

“Some of my favorite dining spots include the quaint French restaurant Beaujolais. I also love Liberty because they’re always changing and morphing their menu, and the service is impeccable. Centro has amazing service and food, and for ethnic cuisine, I love Arario Midtown Korean Fusion.”

As for cocktails, Sabra has a list of must-visit spots, too. “I love Death and Taxes. It’s my favorite place for drinks. My runner up is 1864. The owner is amazing there, and Chapel is fantastic, too.” 

Finally, she’s a huge fan of the “Chemistry of the Cocktail Event” fundraiser held at the Discovery Museum annually. From the inventive cocktails to the delectable food, it’s a fun way to network and support a great, educational institution. 

The Best Place to Raise Kids

Clearly, Sabra remains excited by the growth and change going on in Reno. But she also prizes the family-friendly atmosphere, welcoming locals, and close proximity to a variety of outdoor activities, from Reno to Tahoe. As a result, Sabra feels it’s the best place to raise kids. 

“Both of my sons are really interested in the outdoors and wildlife as am I. We love hiking, the river, wildlife, fishing, and camping nearby, and this place has it all. I also appreciate the high quality of local schools and the special programs that my kids have been able to avail themselves of.”

Ready to learn more about Reno’s many career opportunities and family-friendly vibe? Contact us today to find out what’s happening in Reno and why you and your family should be here.

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