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The 7 Best Restaurants in Reno for Farm-to-Table Cuisine

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The farm-to-table movement has reshaped Reno’s dining landscape in exciting ways. Spearheaded by 4th Street Bistro, a tasty collection of downtown Reno restaurants have emerged. They emphasize food production ethics and have contributed to the four pillars of the farm-to-table movement. These pillars include enhancing food security, proximity, self-reliance, and sustainability. In the process, they’ve also crafted plenty of scrumptious food.

But don’t take our word for it. It’s much better to “eat” your way through the scene. That way, you can draw your own delicious conclusions about where to eat in Reno. Read on for seven of the best restaurants in Reno for farm-to-table dining. 

1. 4th Street Bistro 

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4th Street Bistro

4th Street Bistro (3065 West 4thStreet) has remained at the forefront of Reno’s farm-to-table movement for two decades. Chef Natalie Sellers’ delectable cuisine pairs well with General Manager Carol Wilson’s impeccable hospitality and wine list. Located in a 1940s-era bungalow, you’ll enjoy views of the Truckee River and Sierra Nevada Mountains. Over the years, Natalie and Carol have worked tirelessly to establish a local food network. Through perseverance and dedication, 4th Street Bistro remains a gourmet, farm-to-fork mainstay. It’s also the winner of seven consecutive Wine Spectator’s Awards of Excellence. 

2. Liberty Food & Wine Exchange 

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Liberty Food and Wine Exchange

The Liberty Food & Wine Exchange (100 North Sierra Street) is the brainchild of Chef Mark Estee. An acclaimed leader of the local food movement, Estee also owns several top restaurants in Reno and the surrounding region. Liberty is fashioned as a downtown artisan eatery specializing in hand-crafted, shareable plates. These plates represent a fusion of international cuisine. But they feature organic flavorings provided by Northern Nevada’s farmers and ranchers. The restaurant boasts an on-site boutique market. There, they sell quality housemade bread, pasta, and sauces. 

3. Wild River Grille 

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Wild River Grille

Since 2007, the Wild River Grille (17 South Virginia Street) has invited guests to revel in its expansive location. The restaurant sits adjacent to Reno’s gorgeous Riverwalk District. You’ll love its warm, inviting ambiance. Wild River’s pet-friendly outdoor patio features plenty of seating, live music, and stunning views of the Truckee River. Their tasty lunch and dinner menus are filled with locally-sourced and seasonal ingredients. The owners remain passionate about supporting local businesses and producers. Besides inventive cocktails, check out their wide selection of local brews

4. Old Granite Street Eatery 

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Old Granite Street Eatery

The Old Granite Street Eatery (243 S. Sierra Street) sits in a solid brick building circa 1940. The restaurant boasts a wide selection of menu items featuring fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. Because of their reliance on regional cuisine, their menu reflects the flavors and seasons of Northern Nevada. During the summer, they offer quaint outdoor seating on their patio. It’s a great spot to take in Reno’s beautiful landscapes while savoring some of its tastiest treats.  

5. Great Full Gardens  

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Great Full Gardens

Great Full Gardens (555 South Virginia Street) serves up healthy, sustainable breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. They rely on locally-grown, organic produce and hormone and antibiotic-free meat. They also use free-range eggs, 100 percent organic maple syrup, and local wild honey. Their seafood options come from wild-caught sources. And even their kombucha is sourced from South Lake Tahoe’s Folk Brewing Company. (They use nearby Lake Tahoe’s renowned crystal-clear water in the process.) Great Full Gardens’ atmosphere proves quirky, family-friendly, and informal. It’s a fun place to rub elbows with the locals, too.  

6. Homegrown Gastropub  

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Homegrown Gastropub

The Homegrown Gastropub (719 South Virginia Street) represents one of the newest restaurants to emerge on Reno’s farm-to-fork radar. It serves up food and beverages using only the finest locally-sourced ingredients. From organic sodas and milkshakes to brick-oven eats and comfort food, there’s something for everyone. They also cater to a variety of dietary needs ranging from vegetarian and vegan to paleo and nut-free. With an emphasis on delicious, earth-friendly dishes, they’re located in the heart of Reno’s Midtown District. 

7. Monaciello

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Located in the heart of Midtown, Monaciello (190 California Avenue) specializes in mouthwatering, housemade Italian cuisine. They also remain passionate advocates of the farm-to-table food movement. This shines through in their use of the finest local ingredients as well as their focus on handcrafted everything, from sauces to pasta, pizza dough to sausages. 

The Farm-to-Table Scene Beyond Restaurants

For foodies that prefer their own kitchens, have no fear. Plenty of locally-sourced ingredients can be found around town. There are many farmers markets to choose from as well as the Great Basin Food Co-op. Local food manufacturers make everything from pasta sauce and ice cream to “killer” salsa and wine. And if you’re looking for grass-fed beef, look no further than the Hole-In-One Ranch

These places (and many more) provide ample opportunities to participate in the locavore movement as do Reno’s wide array of fresh and organic food grocers. So, if you think you’ll have to sacrifice your palate for a job in Reno, think again! You’ll be surprised by all of the great food raised and made right here in Nevada. 

The Best Restaurants in Reno for Sustainable, Locally-Sourced Cuisine

From 4th Street Bistro to Monaciello, the best restaurants in Reno specialize in locally-grown, sustainable eats. They’ve fostered relationships with Northern Nevada “food” stakeholders, from farmers to processors and retailers. The result? A food scene that promotes sustainable, local agriculture that cares for the land, water, animals, and people. 

Looking for more great places to dine and drink? Or, maybe you’ve got questions about relocating to Reno? Contact us today to find out what’s happening in Reno-Tahoe and why you want to be here.

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  2. If you are a real foodie, you are not going to be happy eating out in Reno, NV. Even the putative ‘best restaurants’ are inconsistent and often mediocre.

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  4. Unfortunately 4th Street did not make it through the pandemic. ? and you missed by A MILE Washoe Public House! Chef Brett actually sources locally unlike a few others on the list!

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